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Live to
the max!

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Looking to find the best in the modest lifestyle so you can LIVE TO THE MAX?

Modest Lifestyle and halal way of life

The halal way to LIVE TO THE MAX

Build a halal and stylish lifestyle: ModestLife.Style by IFDC

Discover all things lifestyle ranging from style to living well, designed to help you in achieving the life that matters!

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Discover the best in interiors, style, and personal development at ModestLife.Style by IFDC!

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For over a decade, IFDC has been bringing to you everything in modest fashion, interiors, and design.

Now we have expanded our work to encompass the full modest lifestyle.

By empowering ModestLife.Style by IFDC, we bring you the absolute best, so that you can be your absolute best.

We’ve led the MODEST REVOLUTION since the beginning, and we remain committed to it!


For over 12 years we have been bringing you the best of SUCCESS WITH HALAL, and it’s only getting better!

Seen Kaaf Podcast Alia Khan and Ahmad Jouffe

Listen to the Seen Kaaf Podcast episodes here! Enjoy the experiences and insights we share on all things modest lifestyle!

Hosted by Ahmad Jouffe & Alia Khan.The discussions are designed to help you to learn and grow. Topics range from personal goals, health, style, beauty, work, AI, relationships, food, social life, media, success, and so much more. We aim to base our research and information on the sound ideology of Islam. That gives us all the best chance at optimal living.

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