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“Become a part of our community, where life is enriched with values, dignity, and honour. What you’ll find here is designed to enable great heights for all. Relentlessly strive for success, happiness, and the optimal life that matters, through your faith based values”

 – Alia Khan

For All Who Dream of Achieving

ModestLife.Style by IFDC is the ultimate place to get all that you need for optimal living. Here, you can achieve, succeed, and thrive. 


Enjoy carefully curated knowledge & experiences in personal development, business, well-being, modest fashion, design, Islamic art, technology, and engaging discussions as you dare to Live To The Max.


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Strive For Success and Optimal Living

Alia Khan – “Join ModestLife.Style by IFDC, to get the latest in how to strive for the success and life that matters”

Queen Camilla with Alia Khan at Duchess Camilla Royal Dinner, London 3

Queen Camilla with Alia Khan

With Alia Khan, the Chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) leading the way, this platform will bring you the best in ideas, knowledge, and opportunities.

Join our strong community focused on faith based values, principles, and knowledge that leads to optimal success and happiness. 

Alia has transformed the Islamic economy, making IFDC the world’s leading organisation committed to helping you achieve a fulfilling life.

Featured on leading publications like

Alia takes her vision for all things modest to the next level.

True living essentials platform

How do you overcome obstacles in achieving your optimal life goals?

Alia’s vision is to bring you the best in the modest lifestyle so you can achieve a life that matters. Recognised for her work and leadership, which has been celebrated by numerous organisations, she has been featured on leading media and speaking circuits internationally. Now, her global focus is on delivering to you the best in all things modest!

By joining ModestLife.Style by IFDC you’ll reach all aspects of true living essentials, from accomplishing personal goals, well-being, success, relationships, modest fashion, design, Islamic arts, business, knowledge, and more.

So, why wait?

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Strive for success and happiness with Alia Khan

Strategic Advisory By Ahmad Jouffe Research

On Success, Development, and Achievements

Ahmad Jouffe black and white image

Strategic Advisory By Ahmad Jouffe Research for all who

Dream of achieving a fulfilling life

Ahmad Jouffe is an exceptional leader with over 25 years of experience in taking companies across diverse industries such as halal beauty, healthcare, technology, and finance to success.

His remarkable track record of achievements in complex and diversified environments makes him an unparalleled thought leader across a spectrum of specialties

As the founder of Ahmad Jouffe Research (AJR), Ahmad now conducts studies in a range of areas, including:

  • business,
  • lifestyle,
  • health,
  • design,
  • technology,

as well as other industry-specific strategies.

Reach For New Heights

Ahmad’s strategy for the AJR team’s work with ModestLife.Style by IFDC showcases a profound understanding of the vital role that knowledge plays in our daily lives.

Ahmad’s unrivaled expertise and mastery of complex and diversified environments enable him to help you explore and gain insights into your life on a plethora of important topics:

  • critical thinking
  • impact of artificial intelligence,
  • development challenges,
  • the art of business and success,
  • habit formation,
  • the influence of space,
  • mathematical influences on shapes,
  • personal goals,
  • well-being
  • and your accomplishments that sustain 

His work has been instrumental in driving the paradigm shift in life sciences and the design industry, leading to facilitating an optimal life.

A renowned change-maker, solution provider, and ideal partner, Ahmad is commended by his peers for driving culture and key initiatives to transformation.

He understands how to successfully help people with the integration of his findings.

“To Accomplish Things, You Need To Know How To Process Knowledge” - AHMAD JOUFFE

Well Being Elevated With Strategic Advisory By Ahmad Jouffe Research

ModestLife.Style by IFDC brings you Ahmad’s effective frameworks for performance metrics. 

Benefit from his commitment to excellence. His work focuses on the belief that a successful life is possible for everyone. Explore this and more through his evidence-based outcomes.

He started in finance because he sought to understand the financial system’s root and how it really worked. Dismayed by his findings, seeing so many axioms, he quickly realized there was much more to consider in the overall strategy, with more effective ideas, which he would later introduce to the world. Now he brings all this to you through ModestLife.Style by IFDC.  

His extensive work in multiple countries has given him a unique perspective on how to help you get to where you want to go.

Aware that most of the accepted ways do not meet the standard of proof, Ahmad says that Islamic scriptural studies has a high place in his work, starting with the proof of the domain of God’s perfection.

When you can see the manifestation of the will of God in any work, you will have harmony.” 

If this is important to you, then what ModestLife.Style by IFDC has to offer is perfect for you!

Whether in business, health, or any area of life, Ahmad believes that the artist is one who provides genuine leadership in all industries, conveying messages masterfully. This direction sets him apart from others, gaining a type of traction that is unparalleled. And now he is ready to show you how to do it.

Welcome to ModestLife.Style by IFDC, the best place for all who dream of achieving. We know you’re going to love it here.

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