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Alia Daily Diary
Alia Daily Diary

1:2 Fatiha – Unspeakable

My life that I see in the Quran, surah fatiha, verse 2. When that moment comes where you have no choice but to get over yourself or face the unspeakable reality of things.

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Outsource it

1:5 Fatiha – Outsource it

My daily diary, thanks to the Quran. Surah Fatiha, verse 5 where it struck me to outsource it. I realised I can just give it away if it’s too much for me to handle. Huge.

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Cool people

1:7 Fatiha – Cool people are overrated

Diary, Quran Surah Fatiha, verse 7 where the idea of cool people all comes together for me on a daily basis. All Muslims in their prayers, say this surah at least 17 times per day. It helped me to determine who the cool people were, and who weren’t.

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Coast through life

2:4 Bakarah – Coast through life

Journal. Quran, surah Bakarah, verse 4. There’s a way to get the magic formula in life so you can just coast through life and experience harmony in all moments. That’s what I discovered and am still exploring further.

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Not your guru

2:6 Baqarah – Definitely not your guru, even the coolest

Journal. Quran surah Baqarah, verse 6. If you don’t believe, someone will come along and give make you believe that you should give them power. Though he is definitely not your guru, you will believe he is. When you don’t care to see what powers the Quran can teach you, then someone will come along and take power from you.

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White lie - cute asian girl in angel outfit

2:10 Baqarah – Not even a white lie

Many think that a small lie, which you may refer to as a “white lie”, is ok. If one deems it harmless, one has made it permissible. But where is this qualification by Allah? Later we will learn that if it actually will save a life, then it is advisable.

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Building your criteria with Sound ideology - photography of book page

2:13 Baqarah – Building Your Criteria with Sound Ideology

When it comes to building your criteria, I learned the hard way that it’s so easy to get confused these days. All it takes is to talk to a few different people, listen to the news, and watch a program here and there. And of course, follow intently those that we deem as “super smart” in our family or friends – can be trouble!

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Belonging - young asian man lightening cigarette for friend on street

2:14 Baqarah – Belonging at any cost

Alia’s daily diary. When I read in the Quran, surah Baqarah, verse 14, it resonated that for many it’s tough when they long for belonging. And to some, when it really matters and they absolutely have to fit in, they will do or say anything for acceptance. That feeling of being judged for not being like them can make one feel excluded and alone.

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Making a mockery of yourself

2:15 Baqarah – Making A Mockery Of Yourself

Making a mockery of yourself is when we think we are being smart, but it’s obvious we’re so stupid. Even if you get away with it, God knows what you are really doing. You are either just going along with it to please others. Or you’ve fooled yourself enough to believe it, when deep down you know it is false.

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An otherwise good life

Baqarah 2:16 – An Otherwise Good Life

When it comes to living the good life, know that there’s a price for not putting the truth at the forefront of all we do. If we are not interested in seeking the truth, and if we are only interested in whatever will conveniently fit into our life and what we want to do, then we must be prepared to lose.

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