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Indulge, and buy unique furniture & interiors, ranging from our latest upcycled and new furniture discoveries. Want something similar or another item? Email us at Office@ModestLife.Style. Every budget is accommodated. Tell us what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend, and we’ll make it yours. Global delivery provided.


Floral Blue Mirrored Closet

A gorgeous armoire, this mirrored closet will delight your eyes! This is where artistic elegance meets functional design. Elevate your space with this hand painted and mirror works one of a kind piece that is guaranteed to be a show stopper!

Buy beautiful painted blue floral and mirror work closet - unique furniture and interiors

Enchanted Blossom Wall Tree Lamp

A flower blossom fairy light wall tree lamp. Hand crafted fairy light tree lamp with beautiful flowers of your choice and colour.

Buy beautiful floral hand made wall lamp - unique furniture and interiors

Gilded Reflection Mosaic Entry Table / Side Table

An entry table / side table to mesmerise! Gold painted elegance with mirrored intrigue

Buy hand painted gold table with mirror work - unique furniture and interiors

Blooming Crystal Reflections Beautiful Wardrobe / Stunning Closet

Beautiful wardrobe / stunning closet. Floral mirrored elegance with sparkling rhinestone accents

Buy exquisite flowered mirrors and crystal work closet - unique furniture and interiors

Blue Meadow Oversized Glass Vase

An Oversized Glass Vase you can’t forget! Hand painted florals and golden plate effects

Buy hand painted and gold foiled glass vase - unique furniture and interiors

Whimsical Blossom Floral Wardrobe / Unique Closet

Stunning floral wardrobe / unique closet. Artfully hand painted floral elegance throughout the entire piece.

Buy gorgeous hand painted floral closet - unique furniture and interiors

Golden Floral Harmony Beautiful End Table

Beautiful end table. Hand painted golden elegance

Buy hand painted gold foiled side table - unique furniture and interiors
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