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SK18 – The Crimes Of Social Media

I have to say, when it comes to tackling the crimes of social media, I think I have greater respect for Elon Musk. I never really thought much about anything about Elon, to be honest with you.

And I never thought that he was much of an exemplary person, because I didn’t know much about him. But he has worked hard at eradicating child trafficking, and the objectifying of children from Twitter, which was, from what I understand, a cesspool, as is all the social media.

And that’s really worrying. I wasn’t even aware of it until I started listening to what’s been happening at Twitter, and by Elon’s own words, how gravely problematic the situation was. Yes. I think he discovered when he acquired the Twitter company, the extent of the problem. He was contacted by people who were victims. And what they say is that they raised the issue to the Twitter management, and they were themselves canceled. That’s deplorable. That’s absolutely deplorable.

Who is doing anything about here crimes of social media?

Crimes of social media - photo of people doing handshakes
We all need to do our part in combatting crimes of social media

And I think people need to wake up and start seeing the truth. Elon Musk was sharing in a conversation we just listened to, where he was in a Twitter spaces, it’s like a conference call, with some victims of child trafficking. Yes. He said that there was a whole team dedicated, supposedly in the previous Twitter team to tackle this problem. But they were not doing anything. So he fired them all and replenished the workforce dedicated to this. And they are very effective.

He said the media has been very strange and hurtful to him. “I still have feelings”, he says. “The fact that the media would report anything he was doing was contrary to this goal”, he says, was hurtful to him. Meaning that he fired the team responsible for cleaning up and not reporting the truth. Which is why he fired people who were not effective. Replacing them with people who delivered results.

Do you understand how worrying it is that the previous management did nothing about child trafficking on Twitter? It’s disgusting. And the fact that there was a team dedicated for something like this and they did nothing, I mean, forget about firing them. I really think criminal investigations need to be had. How is it that anybody can be complacent on a job like that?

Don’t get me started about the previous management of Twitter, because that’s just the beginning of their unspeakable crimes. But moving on to this current owner of Twitter and the new management that he’s put into place, let’s hope for the best. And do you think there will be an example set here for the other social media? I mean, I know they’re not blind to this, and I don’t know why they’re allowing this type of stuff to pass through, but they are, and it’s not even hidden.

Letting things pass through

I mean, the Balanciaga ad objectifying children and subjecting them to that level of sexualization was blatantly approved throughout Instagram and other social media. How is it that Instagram didn’t cancel Balanciaga? Why? Yeah, I don’t know. But what is clear is that Elon Musk is trying to set an example of what he called truthfulness and real action.

He wants to attract people to Twitter and he hopes not to be the only media out there with these concerns. Maybe losing their audience would push other social media or mainstream media to look at themselves and maybe correct what is not working. It’s a way to not bleed their audience the way they are starting to.

Yeah, but all this talk about child trafficking, et cetera, is unsettling to me. I think there is some psychological play here too. When subjects of a disturbing nature are deliberately discussed, can present a kind of slow anesthesia to our reactions. We have to be careful not to get desensitised to the horror of these disturbing topics. The media has a way of doing that to our brains, desensitising us to the most horrific things in life.

Are they desensitising us?

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Understanding crimes of social media impacts real life

For example, if you cut off from digital entertainment, then return to it after some time, you brain will be shocked by the images of someone shooting someone, or worse acts. But if you are immersed in this regularly, you get desensitized. Totally. You accept it as something normal. I went as far as throwing out my TV like 30 years ago, when I understood that one day watching a show where people were using very bad language. That’s when I thought, “but why are these people in my home?”

Yeah, I don’t want people to talk like this in my home. So true. So shut off the TV and kick it out. Yes, but when you share this concern with people, many don’t seem to see the problem. And you see it in talk shows. You see a gradual language that is becoming more and more gross and the subject matters become more and more sexualized and everything under the belt, very low class. And when you raise this with others, you’d be astonished because they don’t see the problem anymore.

Yeah, they’re desensitized. And that’s what’s horrific about the whole child trafficking and entire sexualization, inappropriate behavior around children. It was increasingly being put out on social media. And thank God Elon Musk did catch it on Twitter. Better now than never.

The more they put it out, the more people are desensitized to it. God forbid that people start considering this a norm. For them to see what we saw in the Balenciaga ads is absolutely unacceptable. And it’s incredibly despicable to this day, the major celebrities that wear Balenciaga not only have not shown any outrage, but celebrities like Nicole Kidman have actually posted ads and photos of themselves in Balenciaga unapologetically. It’s a way of supporting the brand. It’s almost like they’re complicit in these crimes and they know they’re getting away with it.

Messy game

But they would rather side with the dark side because that’s where their careers will flourish. It’s mind boggling to me that anything could be more valuable than your principles when it comes to children, especially when you’re already a mother like she is, or the numerous other celebrities that have just remained mum on the situation. So we look toward Elon Musk who is doing something about it, because the rest do not want to talk about it. The mainstream media is silent, in a way like they’re hoping people will just forget it happened. We will not forget.

The media is not saying anything about what Elon has done to clean up Twitter. They’re mostly attacking him. Yet what he is doing is the exact opposite of what they accuse him of. Saying that he is harming certain causes. They’re spinning the whole thing and they’re trying to point a finger at him instead of commending him for what he actually did, which was clean up and scrub the filth from that platform.

And maybe it’s because they want to keep deflecting this attention so that they don’t have to take accountability for their platforms. Because the media has some disgusting standards. Not just the crimes of social media are at a peak, but a lot of the media’s in general too. So why would they want to become aware of such a thing, at least publicly?

Selective censorship

Yeah, I discovered all this side of social media recently. I was not really active on it so therefore not aware at all it was going on. Yeah, neither was I. I’m so surprised, because we live in a time where on social media, you cannot even emit a doubt on the effectiveness and safety of certain pharmaceutical products. They reprimand you each time, they’d be quick to catch it. So how is it possible that people could share pornographic images of children and not be caught immediately?

I mean, the censorship means are so developed and so sophisticated. It is impossible for this to exist without a will to let it happen. Exactly. So everybody’s complicit in the crime. Yes. And now I’m a little bit ill at ease because I don’t like the appeal to all the poor children. It’s like war where civilians are massacred. And it’s also because of the appeal they build to convince people.

So it’s okay to bomb people? And child trafficking or pornography is shared widely too? What about women trafficking? And drugs or just general human trafficking. And all forms of crime. So what more is happening on these platforms that we need to scrub out? Exactly.

While current events puts pedophilia at the forefront of the human attention. All the rest that we just mentioned is brushed under the rug. All of these crimes need their due attention. They are all happening under our noses, and it is unacceptable across the board! I think you’re right. It’s dirtier than what we know. And it’s absolutely despicable.

Demand more for the time you put in

The whole idea that anybody could try to legitimize such things with such campaigns. Children should be protected at all cost. But you’re right. It should make you wonder what greater crimes of humanity are happening beyond this. Because if it’s so despicable as what we know, what more is there that we don’t know? What’s happening to women, like you said, what’s happening to other men? What’s happening to human beings on these platforms? We need to build our awareness, and we need to band together. Everybody needs to band together and really demand more out of the time that they put onto these platforms.

Yes. It’s a can of worms that have been opened with this woke movement where you basically define what is true by what you feel. And there are people who feel that it’s perfectly okay for children to be sexualized. Well, that’s the sickness that they’re trying to spread. Yes. And that’s the sickness that needs to be quashed. Yes.

Evidence of truth

So now they’re trying to tell us that the truth that is a biological truth and an evident truth, should be questioned. There’s no more difference, officially, between a man and a woman except what you feel you are or you want to be. And it’s getting ridiculous. It’s getting more than that. Now they’re trying to choose multiple genders.

Once you cross this line where the feelings of an individual takes any precedence, it will overwhelm society. Like these people who are in prison today. I read about someone who was in prison with a 60 year old, tattooed everywhere, missing teeth, big bearded guy who said to him, “I am a woman”. My God. And he was transferred into the women’s prison without question because his feelings were his identity. And that has to be respected. Crazy!

Even though you have all your male parts intact or not, it doesn’t matter. Because you are still a male, whether you like it or not! And yet they will honor you as a female in the female prison. They are putting in danger all the women prisoners in there. Yet man is then locked up in a cell with a woman. We’re hearing a lot more stories like this. It seems crazy. I can’t even, too mind boggling.

Crossing the line

close up of man crossing border on ground
Step away from crimes of social media, don’t give them your time

But the fact is, once you accept something like this, who are you to deny someone who says, well, children, I feel like children are good to have sexual relations with. That’s the despicable perversion it’s headed to. Because why would they draw the line just there. They will push to cross all lines of decency. That’s where it’s headed if we don’t actively stop it. Because once you have accepted one sickness, the feeling is the truth on everyone’s. We have a big problem.

We all need to take a step back and realize what’s being done upon us. First, they wanted to legitimize certain things that were not normal, and now they’re trying to legitimize things that are just pure evil. The entire thing is evil because any form of abuse, whether it’s on the self through mutilation and whatever else they’re trying to do with hormone manipulation and cutting off body parts and so on, all the way to abusing others, especially minors, we need to step back and see how it’s a domino effect. One thing is leading to another, and if we don’t all halt and scream at the top of our lungs, it’s just never going to come to a stop.

So this woman who was abused, was talking to Elon Musk in an interview, was saying that there are some agencies that you can report to. And she says she doesn’t fully trust some of them, unfortunately, because some of the perversion has infiltrated even the places that are supposed to protect us. But I believe now, at least on Twitter, if we search well and hard, there might be places where such things can be reported legitimately. And I think that might be a good starting place. to stop the crimes of social media.

It has to make sense

Elon Musk introduced a simple way. You report a tweet, and now there is a category, child endangerment. Good. It didn’t exist in the past. But it’s now implemented. I just checked it. That’s unbelievable. Wow. That’s an example for everybody to hold. So I was not interested in this Elon Musk character until recently.

In fact I was quite skeptical of him and still am. Can you give us an example? Like this dream of going to Mars when he knows perfectly well that technically no biological organism can cross the Van Allen Belt. Because of heavy radiation. We have no solutions against this and it is impossible. And he knows that, but for some reason, everyone is overlooking this. Or just brushing it under the rug, again?

It’s a way to mobilize resources. It feels like a charade. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t make any sense that he wouldn’t know, so of course he knows. So what is he actually doing there? Yes, but on the other hand, he has a very strong marker that differentiates him, in my opinion, from the crowd that is now leading this world, which is a malthusian crowd. And if you want to identify the main marker of these people, these people believe that there are too many humans on the planet. Is that what malthusian means?

Malthusian philosophy

Malthusianism is a philosophy of Malthus in the 18th century who just remarked that the population was growing faster than the resources, the availability of resources. So he said at one point, there will be not enough resources for the humans. Except it’s like talking to someone in the prehistoric age and saying that the Earth cannot contain more than 2 million people because there’s not enough wood to accommodate the energy needs for more than 2 million people. But since then, we have discovered petroleum and we have other forms of energy now. So it’s an idea that is really poisonous, and you hear it all the time. They want us to worry that the population is exploding, and so we need to reduce the population. It’s an evil thought because it’s justifying all sorts of really horrendous ideas around humanity.

We need to dispel such illusions in such dark minds. They’re rationalizing it and putting a burden on the sheer number of humans instead of providing to all humans what they need. And those provisions are not scarce, they are there.

And Elon Musk is saying that the major threat today facing humanity is that there are not enough humans on the planet. Not enough. And for me, it’s a big marker of breaking from this kind of mass psychotic thinking of Malthusianism. So he’s challenging that narrative, which, again, is a positive. Amazing. Why it’s amazing is because the planet is really not loaded.

And even with the current agriculture methods, we have largely enough to feed not only the current population, but a population that is growing. We are growing more and more slowly every decade. So it’s heartening to know that he’s challenging the narrative. And that really does give us a little bit more strength, at least makes us feel like there’s someone speaking against this ridiculous movement that’s going on against the population.

Learn your way out of confusion

It’s just an attempt against people, to coerce them to do things and be things that they’re not. They aim to successfully convince people. I mean, our youth is more confused today than ever before. So where is this all going? This pedophilia thing is just becoming quite the theme as we come to a close of this year. So I shudder to think what’s going to happen getting into the new year if we don’t all start screaming as loud as we can that we will not have any tolerance for this.

Yeah, there seems to be a lot of people that have been tolerated. So, for example, Elon Musk himself asked when we can see the client list of Jeffrey Epstein? Yeah, because this is in the hands of the Justice Department. So all the clients, all the people he provided with those underage girls or whatever else, that list of people, are not being held accountable.

unrecognizable woman having dispute with crop person
Learn what these crimes of social media are doing to you

I appreciate what you’re saying but for me, the jury is still out on Elon Musk. I still need to see a bit more. And like you said, in all fairness to him, I’ve never paid any particular attention and I’ve never really known much about him other than what’s obvious in the headlines. So I would like to learn more about what his position is on a lot of things.

You can’t see all of his intentions on Twitter. He seems to be defending Jack Dorsey, who is the previous founder of Twitter. And I just don’t think that so much garbage could have happened on Twitter without Jack Dorsey’s knowledge. So I don’t know why Elon seems to be dismissing that Jack was too involved in anything grave, specially related to the crimes of social media.

No, I don’t believe that Jack Dorsey didn’t know. How is it that somebody couldn’t know what was happening right under his nose in his own company? Especially such historical things like some of the political manipulations that they’ve been finding that was going on. And now we’re learning all about the aggressions against humanity that’s happened there.

I don’t believe Jack Dorsey is innocent. And for Elon to to continue to profusely say otherwise, is just unsettling for me. Well, I think in the call between Elon Musk and these victims of child abuse or trafficking, he said that he still believed that Jack Dorsey was a good guy. But good guy or not, children were being grossly impacted because of Twitter.

The point is, it’s unsettling to Elon because he’s a friend. But I believe that he didn’t close the door to anything. To me, Elon wasn’t convincing that Jack wasn’t entirely in the know. For the people who believe Jack Dorsey has a good heart and is a good person, aren’t looking at all the obvious things that were happening in Twitter right in from of him.

If he is at fault and allowed horrendous things to happen, then I really wonder how good the heart of this so called good person is. Because you just don’t, under any circumstances, if you have an ounce of goodness in you, you do not allow such horrific things against children to happen. You just don’t. One would give up their own life to protect our future, the children, the next generation.

So I find it unacceptable that anyone could say anything good about Jack Dorsey until we find out the truth about what his role was in all of this. Yeah. One of the victims said that Jack Dorsey actually tried to help her, so she says that he did something, but was it enough? Yeah, fair enough. Maybe he’s tried to help one or two people, but there was a huge, horrendous, dark aggression going on against children in Twitter. It was a platform-wide issue.

It’s not just one victim, we are talking about, potentially millions of people that were being impacted. So I’m sorry, I cannot accept that this man is innocent or good until we learn more. But moving on, I think we need to come up with some sort of a community message with each other. We need to understand things a little bit better. And I wonder if there’s a way for us to come up with ways as a global community to just flag things in a better way.

How is it that we didn’t know this was happening on Twitter? I mean, of course, it never came across our feed. I was never active on Twitter, myself. I’ve only just begun to see a little bit more about Twitter, but I’m still not active on Twitter. I wonder if there’s better ways that we can just protect each other as a global population. And that’s exactly the challenge that the current Twitter team is facing, how to build something that would prevent devious people from using the tools that you provide.

And hopefully. This is just the beginning of their exploration of other measures they can take to combat other grievous and dark crimes that are happening on social media against men, women and children. We all need to learn our way out of confusion and ignorance.

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