An otherwise good life

Baqarah 2:16 – An Otherwise Good Life

2:16 Ulaaa’ikal lazeenash tara wud dalaalata bilhudaa famaa rabihat tijaaratuhum wa maa kaanoo muhtadeen

These are they who purchase error at the price of guidance, but this is a profitless bargain, neither were they guided.

When it comes to living the good life, know that there’s a price for not putting the truth at the forefront of all we do. If we are not interested in seeking the truth, and if we are only interested in whatever will conveniently fit into our life and what we want to do, then we must be prepared to lose. 

Don’t break the rules, you’ll never get the good life this way

There is no way we can gain as we want to in life if we don’t follow the rules. I’ve always inherently rejected the idea of “breaking the rules”, “doing things my way”, and that kind of nonsense talk. Why? In fact, let’s follow the rules so we don’t have to make it up as we go and fall into terrible traps. God’s rules are perfect, so why reject them?

And to “do things my way” is a very bad idea. All human minds have limitations. Even those that are geniuses of the world, have limitations and are fallible. But do you know Who is NOT fallible? It’s Allah. Later we will see a verse where Allah tells us that all bad things happen because of us and all good things happen because of Him.

You created the darkness, be sure of that

So, be very sure, it is only us who are responsible for stumbling into darkness. Those dark moments, that depression, the unhappiness and failure, is all from decisions that we made. No one else. Had we turned to God for guidance, we would have received it. So be sure, only we chose to be in the darkness …and we all know from experience, it’s an awful place to be.

The power of understanding the profits we gain from following God’s rules is second to none. Yet, we somehow think “we got this”, even though we keep falling … and sometimes so hard, that we never even recover. You know what that means? It means, not being able to bathe in the illumination of the Light. 

How unfortunate. To not know what that illumination feels like because you are too busy thinking that you got this. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out when all the answers are there for you. Look at all these verses in the Quran. Not ONE word came from a human mind! Doesn’t that blow your mind?

The ONLY self help guide you will ever need

We talked before about how people turn to gurus, and self help personalities, and so on. Why would we do that, when we have the ultimate self help guide, the true manual to life, within our reach – not written by a self help guru or anyone else. Only written by the perfection of Allah.

Nothing is missing from this book. You can be sure of that. How do we know that? Because Allah is perfect. His words are perfect. His advice is perfect. His intelligence is perfect. And He knows everything. So He has told us everything that we need to know in order to live our best life. When will we get that and stop stumbling?

Yet, so many will still drink alcohol and make excuses, when they are clearly told it’s horrible for them. “Oh it’s only once in a while, it won’t hurt anyone”, they say as if they know what they are talking about. Or dealing in interest, when we are told that it wages war against God and His messenger.

And so many other things like lying, cheating, adultery, and so on. Does any of this cross our minds when we consider taking actions? Actions that are against ourselves, we can be sure of that. Yet this continues. and for some it continues forever. What a loss of what could have been an otherwise good life.

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