Making a mockery of yourself

2:15 Baqarah – Making A Mockery Of Yourself

Allahu yastahzi’u bihim wa yamudduhum fee tughyaanihim ya’mahoon

2:15 Allah will throw back their mockery on them, and as they increase in their trespasses; they then wander like blind ones 

Making a mockery of yourself is when we think we are being smart, but it’s obvious we’re so stupid. Even if you get away with it, God knows what you are really doing. You are either just going along with it to please others. Or you’ve fooled yourself enough to believe it, when deep down you know it is false.

You can become a victim of your own self assuredness. Especially when we think we are doing everything according to the way we planned it. Not bearing in mind that the Ultimate Planner will always prove Who is really in charge.

Know who can make a mockery of YOU

To think that we have it all worked out is a sign that you might be in trouble. The sign you should be aiming for is when you don’t know what is going to happen, you did your best, and now you know the Only One that can show you an outcome that you could be happy with is God.

But what part of this could be a mockery. We often convince ourselves how we would not partake in any form of belittlement. But when we are not honest, and when we are busy convincing others how good we are, for acceptance, we may have fooled them and ourselves, but never God.

The truth can never lead you to mockery

Saying things to people is easy. Especially when you don’t have any values based around the truth. When honesty is not the goal, then our interactions are frivolous. They are a mockery. We are playing. And that often will lead to an insult of others and ourselves.

I only realised later in life, how much honesty can scare people. People are afraid to say the truth, that’s why they don’t eagerly learn it. It is inconvenient on most occasions, to say something that will likely contradict the popular mindset.

So most people will go with the flow. They will talk to affirm what most already know or have heard. It is safe and it keeps everyone connected. The moment anyone says something out of the norm or mainstream point of view, people start feeling uncomfortable.

Again, I only realised recently that the spoken truth can outcast you from society. But why do I want to be a part of the dishonesty of life just so I can fit in? So they can accept me? And to get accepted by whom, exactly? Fools? No thank you, I’ll take the truth over that any day!

Better to be an outcast

Being an outcast, for most, is a scary thought. People generally don’t like to be alone. Yet they don’t consider the invaluable gifts this type of loneliness brings. When you have sifted out all those that are not seekers of truth from your life, you have created the best company anyone can imagine – seekers of truth.

Being in the company of just one other person who is seeking the truth is worth a million friends. Don’t worry about what parties you aren’t invited to, what gatherings you aren’t a part of, it doesn’t matter – really, it doesn’t.

The few people around you was a tailor made gift for you. You can now be free to pursue the truth with them. They won’t make a mockery of you. Imagine the level of trust you can count on. Could you count on this type of trust ever before?

Liberate yourself, refuse the mockery!

Liberate yourself and refuse the mockery. We must reject a forced environment where we all must fit in. Our first step is to ask Allah to show us the Truth. To teach us what is honest. To help us to see falsehood and protect us from it.

Imagine such a gift. Where the shackles of pretences are off. Where you are only interested in knowing the truth about everything; and where you are not at all interested in conveniently going along with a narrative because then everyone is singing the same tune.

Never sing the same tune as everyone else just to be pleasing. That is an ugly tune indeed. Sing only the truth. And be sure, you will never be made a mockery of, nor will you be the one making a mockery. What a beautiful way to live.

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