Trust the truth

2:1 – Bakarah – Trust the truth


This is one of those places in where you just have to trust the truth. If you believe that Allah says there is no doubt in this book. And that all you are told in it holds highest value. Then so do these 3 letters.

Simple and pure, trust the truth

God places letters at the beginning of some of the Quran chapters. No person knows why this was done. We only know that Allah is most Wise, so if He has done this, we trust it is important. The Quran is the most perfect book.

It is there to trust the truth because it IS truth. So these letters are a part of truth. Therefore, we do not miss the opportunity to recite them audibly like we do the rest of the Quran. The sound waves of truth can only be the most powerful sounds we have ever heard.

Let the sound of truth pass through you

Don’t pass the chance to recite these three powerful letters out loud. You will feel the energy waves of the sound. In fact, I don’t like to pass on any opportunity to recite any part of the Quran audibly, especially when I am in my home.

To have those sound waves filling up my house, amplifies the blessings. This is no small thing. Live in an environment that can trust the truth.

Why to trust the truth, what it does for you

It’s easier when you trust the truth. God tells us the Quran will be preserved until the end of times. I believe His promise. Therefore I trust the truth, His word is the only absolutely truth. When you can grasp that, life changes forever.

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