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2:10 Baqarah – Not even a white lie

2:10  Fee quloobihim maradun fazadahumuAllahu maradan walahum AAathabun aleemun bimakanoo yakthiboon

In their hearts is a sickness, so Allah increased them in sickness. And for them is a painful punishment on account of how they were liars.

Many think that a small lie, which you may refer to as a “white lie”, is ok. If one deems it harmless, one has made it permissible. But where is this qualification by Allah? Later we will learn that if it actually will save a life, then it is advisable.

Other than that, when we have the words of Allah, the ultimate beautiful words, the pureness of truth, passing through our tongues each time we recite the Quran, why on earth would we destroy the purity of this space with even a white lie let alone a serious lie?

I firmly believe the level of goodness that the words of the Quran has on us, our health, and our success, should not be taken lightly. It should not be tampered with. It’s like cleaning your desk immaculately, then staining it with foul smelling things willingly. Why would you do that?

Even a white lie can lead to a painful punishment

Allah speaks of a “painful punishment” for the liars. Many remove themselves from this equation because they have qualified their lies to be “harmless”. Yet, think of all your most painful moments in life.

Could it be possible that your pain was self inflicted because you just refused to believe that you had been at fault in your actions or words? We bring so much pain upon ourselves that is unnecessary.

And if you can’t see it, then at the very least pray that Allah help you. That this does not apply to you. Pray deep and sincerely that even a white lie does not seem ok with you. That you become the type of person you wish you had in your life, completely and reliably honest.

Purifying the heart

Finally, purifying the heart is something that is seldomly talked about. Yet it is the critical key to your success. To allow in hate, jealousy, vindictiveness. procrastination, anger, or any other form of foulness, is never going to serve you well.

The way to purification is to form the habits of the opposite. We often hear that it takes 40 days to form a habit if you stay concentrated for that time. So if you are a negative person, then for 40 days you must exaggerate positivity on all levels.

That means saying “yes” instead of no. That means liking things when you don’t. It means thinking well when you don’t. It is a dramatic change, and the effect can be life changing.

Struggle against yourself

But it is a struggle against yourself of the most difficult kind. Of course, you also need to use your head. Because you are not saying “yes” to the bad stuff. Nor are you thinking well of it. So, know you won’t be able to achieve it correctly without 3 things. 

One is prayer. You must pray that you succeed in achieving this change in habit. The prayer in itself, is the change. When you get yourself used to praying with the presence of Allah, you have shifted a habit to a positive level where so much more can follow.

The second is asking forgiveness several times a day and consistently. Again, we do not know when we have done something to hurt anyone, including ourselves. Because we can easily fool ourselves, this deception can be our worst enemy. Don’t fall victim to your cluelessness.

The third is to give to and help others. Do things that they would never have expected you to do. Make someone’s day. There is no better feeling than to make someone happy. And especially if they don’t know you were behind it, means the credit is preserved with the One who knows everything

What more can we ask for? We have access to the most brilliant self help science that any leading expert could ever stumble across, why not take advantage? Turn to the Quran for more self help gems, your life will then move mountains!

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