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2:11 Baqarah – Take Power, Become Powerful

2:11 Wa-itha qeela lahum latufsidoo fee al-ardi qaloo innama nahnumuslihoon

And when it is said to them not to spread corruption in the earth, they say, indeed that we are reformers.

In the quest to become powerful, people often believe they are bringing positive change with their actions. Whether it’s socially with some new idea they’ve come up with to “liberate people” or some other thing they think is making a contribution to humanity.

Let’s say they decided to free people to let them feel comfortable enough to be what they are. This means they can transgress every advice for their well being to make themselves be what they wish to perceive.

They encourage them to think beyond all boundaries: real and perceived. They convince them it will liberate them, and maybe they too sincerely want people to be happier and feel liberated. Just that bit of crossing lines, can unleash havoc into someone’s life.

Did you just make life worse and not become powerful?

So did you achieve good with that intention or did you just make life worse? When there are no boundaries, they will do whatever it takes to match reality with their feelings and misguided intentions.

Take the crazy woke movement as an example. How many people are we hearing about nowadays who are suicidal because they did irreversible harm to themselves from genital mutilating surgeries and invading hormone distortions?

It was always common sense that this would lead anyone to their destruction, yet a lot got convinced by someone that it was a good idea. What a crying shame!

It could be a permanently damaging surgery that felt like a good idea at the time; to a dangerous mindset that causes self inflicted harm. What’s worse, it could always be possible that the reformers who brought about the movement are not well intended.

Perhaps they actually don’t care about anyone’s happiness. Now they’ve brought people to their knees, wreaked havoc into their lives, and have a position of power over their deplorable state. Now who has become powerful?

Reformer or corruption spreader?

If you want to be a reformer that does not care to understand how to do it the way Allah advises is best, then you may be one of the corruption spreaders this verse talks about. While one could innocently fall into this trap, there is still a responsibility for the mayhem you create in your own ways.

The consequences of your actions, no matter how well intended, can be debilitating for you. That is something worth reflecting on. Do we really want to walk into this trap? Is it worth it? Life can be so much better when you follow Allah’s advice. 

Signing up to make them become powerful

I always find it interesting when people get so desperate, they sign up for Tony Robbins, or Jay Shetty, or Deepak Choprs, or any of the other millions of so called “gurus” and “self help experts” out there.

They will turn everywhere, but they won’t turn to the actual book of wisdom, the Quran; and the One whose words are the purest truth you’ve ever heard, God. Where a bottomless trunk of treasure awaits them.

Why are people programmed this way? Yet, I can’t tell you how many people endlessly go to these things, and their lives are still stagnating, if not worse. Please, don’t let these “experts” fool you.

The only success they can show you is their own success, that they achieved by getting you to sign up. Why would you want to follow them? Their ideology is manmade, and often dangerous. You’re just making them become powerful, why?

No one can walk into God’s domain

They have no right to interfere in God’s domain as they do, but why does anyone let them? They can never achieve what God can. Do you see how one’s weakness can lead them everywhere wrong? Knowledge is power; knowledge of Allah is powerful!

Your life is sacred. It was given by the only One, and it belongs to Him alone. So why not turn to the Engineer who built the device to ensure it works optimally? You are the most cutting edge device ever created.

Your body, mind, and character can do things that no machine can. You came with a manual, it’s called the Quran. Use it to see how well your device runs, it is far superior to anything out there!

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