Spreading corruption - dark silhouette with hand reaching up for light in smoke

2:12 Baqarah – Spreading corruption is not your thing

2:12 Ala innahum humu almufsidoona walakinla yashAAuroon

Beware, for they themselves are the ones who spread corruption, but they fail to perceive it.

This one scares me. So anyone could be spreading corruption and not realise it. We have all seen over and over how many people think they are doing good in this world, yet they are only contributing to the perversions, corruptions, and misguidance. “Just be a good person” they say when justifying why they don’t need a religion or they don’t need to believe in God.

It’s easy to figure out if we are spreading corruption or not

If only they took seriously the advice that we are given directly by Allah of not spreading corruption. It’s super easy to find everything you need to know in the Quran. We don’t need to second guess anything. The litmus test is simple, if anything we do in our lives, contradicts the Quran, we are in for a rough ride. 

My husband always says, it’s about harmony. When you do things by Allah’s word. That is, when you follow what you are told in the Quran, you will feel a type of peace, a special kind of harmony. Even if you are going through challenges, when you can go through any aspect of life with contentment and harmony, that’s when you know you are on the right path.

Harmony, how?

If you don’t know what it feels like to have harmony in your life, then stop everything now. Close your eyes. Feel God, feel His Light on you. From the top of your head all the way down. Go back up again and as you do, feel how light each limb feels – because He is carrying you.

When you feel this level of lightness, you KNOW you are being carried by God. So don’t do anything to spoil that. Watch your tongue, keep thoughts productive and sincere, and don’t harm anyone. Keep that in order and you get to keep the harmony.

Even a genius can’t help you

So don’t be of the ones that think they’re a good person, but are entering into such misguided territory. That their actions seem pleasing to them. They congratulate themselves on being great human beings. To only fall into depressions, destruction, and difficulties that they created by their own hands.

All because they refused to learn what it is that is best for us, directly from the One who created us. A human mind cannot think up the level of guidance that God gives us. No genius can get you there like God’s words can.


When we consider how life can actually be when we aren’t of the ones spreading corruption, then we want to do nothing but stay in this blissful space. And bliss, it is.

To accept that we don’t know how to get there, to that ultimate place of harmony in our lives, is the first step. When you are convinced that you actually need the words of God, that is the turning point. It only gets better from here, I promise.

It’s a relief when you actually know that God is carrying you. You do feel lighter. There is no worry. Most importantly, you know you must do your best, but the results are pushed through by Him. How much nicer can it get?

Pass the test

The test is, when you perceive that nothing is going well, that’s when you must keep the faith. That is your test, are you ok with that? You must believe that nothing bad can happen when you are in God’s hands. Can you make this a deep seeded belief in you?

When we don’t believe this, we can screw things up for ourselves. People panic and they go to all lengths when they are in fear or panic mode. This can likely bring about destruction and chaos.

If you really are in God’s hands, and you really believe that, then staying calm at all times is crucial. Otherwise we are likely to do something stupid, hence unwittingly spreading corruption. It’s easier than you think.

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