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2:14 Baqarah – Belonging at any cost

2:14 Wa izaa laqul lazeena aamanoo qaalooo aamannaa wa izaa khalaw ilaa shayaateenihim qaalooo innaa ma’akum innamaa nahnu mustahzi’oon

And when they meet those who believe, they say, “We believe”; but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, “Indeed, we are with you; we were only mockers.”

It’s tough when you long for belonging. And to some, when it really matters and they absolutely have to fit in, they will do or say anything for acceptance. That feeling of being judged for not being like them can make one feel excluded and alone.

While no one wants that, the choice between being in your own space or in the space where you are not free to be the best version of you, is an obvious one. So make the choice that will guarantee you the self respect you need to flourish.

So, what if it was cooler that you didn’t belong to “that” crowd? What if you didn’t have to be a pleaser and say whatever they wanted to hear? You’ve convinced yourself that it’s tough because the thought that you will no longer belong and be all alone can be daunting.

But I want to tell you that you are never alone when you have Allah. Leave anyone that is not good for you or your morals, leave them for Allah, and watch the rewards pour into your life.

Desperate belonging

So to say one thing to win them over, then and do another to convince your family that you’re good, isn’t going to do us any good. To go to the mosque and hang out with everyone who is trying to build their life on a values based system, then to go out with your friends and engage in all sorts of debauchry is very telling. Does this resonate?

To say to those debaucherous friends, “I’m really with you”. “I just went to visit those people because my parents/spouse/friend forced me and I have to tell them that I agree with them. But they’re just stupid for their blind beliefs, and I’m really with you cool guys”. Really?

Where would this type of duplicity lead you? How will you know who you really are if you do this? Not agreeing with those who are striving to live a believer’s life, means that you just didn’t get the importance of it. You didn’t even try to understand why being a believer is the best thing we can strive for in life.

Then on top of that, to be just like the misguided. Maybe because their parties are cooler. More expensive. More glitter all around. And to try to prove to them that you’re one of them by saying how you only mock those with values. Is a recipe for disaster in your life. Don’t do it.

Wasting your powers

You are not benefitting yourself. You aren’t even benefiting your cool friends. Because the more people that join them, the more they are empowered. If fewer people joined them, perhaps they would reflect on their horrendous lives and consider joining YOU .

Could it be that you are more powerful than they are? That they see something in you and that’s why they even want you around them? And what they see in you appeals to them, because they don’t have it. So either they will rob you of it or strip you from it.

All the power you possess can be developed into something phenomenal. But the only source of your power is God. It’s not them. And it’s not who they worship. God is even the power over them and the God of who or what they worship. So choose God, and win with your power by God.

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