Treasure chest of God

2:2 Baqarah – Your own treasure chest

2:2 Thalika alkitabu larayba feehi hudan lilmuttaqeen

That Book with no doubt in it, is a guide for the God-conscious. 

And that’s why it’s my treasure chest. I turn to the Quran repeatedly, because there is no doubt in it. What more do we need? How many times on a daily basis do we have doubts? To be unsure is a feeling of insecurity. So imagine how incredible it feels to know the Quran has no doubts in it.

We often say, “I don’t know what to do”. And that can make us feel lost. We grasp at straws, at times. Turning to friends, to strangers, to so called “experts”. And that could set us on a course to more wasted time, and more loss. At times we only know after a lot of time has been wasted that it was no treasure chest.

Absolutely no doubt

By just turning to the Quran, I am overcome with confidence in that there is no doubt in what I am being taught here. Because that is what God says directly. So I pay it my full attention. Finding clues in this book on how to conduct my life, in a way that will provide me with the direction that I can be sure of.

For me, this is huge because I often have had nowhere to turn. There have been so many moments where I was at a loss, scared, and depressed about my circumstances. What a silly girl I was. I wish I knew from the beginning that the assurance, the confidence, and the safety was there for my taking.

If that’s not a treasure chest, what is?

Your very own treasure chest

It has never failed me. Why don’t people see the treasure chest that the Quran is? We do not need anything else, it’s all in there. Give it a daily try. Hear yourself reciting the Arabic (learn to read Arabic!!! Critical), feel the magic of the sound resonate throughout your body and home.

Then read the best translation and tafsir possible to get instructions on how to live. And do what you’re told, TRUST.

There’s only one easy road

You’ll be surprised at what you’re told to do in the Quran. I mean who else would tell you to relax, let me take care of it? Only God. He says to make Him the disposer of your affairs. So why don’t we. Why do we take the hard road?

We don’t have infinite skills. We can’t see what’s before us and what’s behind us. What’s the point in calling the Quran your treasure chest if you aren’t going to get the gold?  And there’s only one was to get the gold, to chill and let Him do it. Just put your efforts into what you are doing, then leave it to Him.

Though it cannot be easier than this, we have a tough time doing it. Making Allah the disposer of your affairs is a dream. Can you imagine just flying through life knowing the one that is capable of anything, can do this in a snap of a finger? That’s a treasure chest, no?

It’s hard because you stepped in

When we step in and say, I can do this. Yet it still doesn’t come to fruition. You did everything, you called everyone, you said it all. But no movement. Don’t give up. Stay on it, just let Allah take the reins. It’s easier than you think.

It means that after you have put all your honest effort into what you are striving for, then turn to Him. How? Pray. Just pray to Him, ask Him to now make it successful. That’s all you need. Don’t overcomplicate the matter.

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