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2:3 Baqarah – Start believing and Boom, there it is

2:3 Allatheena yu/minoona bilghaybiwayuqeemoona assalata wamimma razaqnahumyunfiqoon

Those who believe in the Unseen and establish the salat (our 5 daily prayers) and spend out of what We have provided them.

I would start believing at the point when I trusted Allah enough. That is when I realised what an enormous gift He gave us through this scripture. Like any relationship, this relationship too is an investment.

It takes time, but you must give of yourself. You must decide if Allah is indeed your best source of information, comfort, healing, and results. He is.

Start believing, you could be robbing yourself

If He is not that to you, work harder on the relationship, because you are robbing yourself of a golden opportunity to do something powerful in your life. But when you are there, be prepared for incredible experiences. It starts when you start believing.

The unseen

The unseen ranges from the belief in Angels to the devils, and there is wisdom in knowing all of this. The unseen also includes the Help that you are receiving from the One and Only God. Until I could start believing that “indeed I am being helped”, my worry did not subside.

And to have one’s worry lifted, is incredible. Imagine going through a difficult time worry free. As incomprehensible as it may sound to you, it is possible. I have this experience often when I go through challenges and worries, I go through many of my difficulties with peace, because I just know.

Whatever the outcome, it’s an outcome that came from Him. Faith in Allah is underrated. It’s like an incredible door opens when we start believing.

There are many turning points

I became such a believer, that the turning points were constant in my life. Where it just got better and better. One of those turning points was when I took to reciting Surah Baqarah every day, for months. It took me 2 hours to recite each day, and I was willing to put in the investment.

And the reward, immense. The openings were huge, like heavy vault doors opening that wouldn’t budge in the past. I had things happen for me with my work, that were effortless. I met people that amazed me, without knowing I could meet such people.

I even met my husband effortlessly, he literally walked into my mom’s home for coffee one day, not knowing she had a daughter…and boom. We met. No effort, no expectation. No doubt, only because of my daily Surah Baqarah recitations. That’s when you start believing, I know.

So, how do you start believing?

I can tell you that while it does require a degree of pure faith, there is also this ‘knowing’ feeling in your heart. It’s there for every single one of us, I genuinely believe that. But it depends on how many layers of ‘stuff’ your heart is covered with.

If we’ve been impure, we may have work to do. If we’ve not particularly been nice, maybe we never did start believing at all. The good news is, the turn around is pretty quick. Once you start believing, that’s your first step. The motivation kicks in.

That means you just know you want to remove the layers from your heart. You want to connect to God. And because you want it now, you immediately go to the Quran. Then you start to read this verse, with an earth shattering meaning.

To start believing, becomes easy

The ease by which Allah enters your heart is mind blowing. You may say, just yesterday I was a wretch. I wasn’t nice, I couldn’t handle doing good things for anyone, I was selfish. Today, the turn around is what books are written about.

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