Coast through life

2:4 Bakarah – Coast through life

2:4 Wallatheena yu’minoona bimaonzila ilayka wama onzila min qablika wabil-akhiratihum yooqinoon 

and those who believe in what is sent down to you and what was sent down from before you, and in the Hereafter they firmly believe.

Can you really coast through life? What would be the point of this life and its perceived injustices, if it were not all for us to get through in the best way we can? Did you think it was about getting what you wanted all the time? You get more, you just don’t see it.

I am convinced that if I got everything I wanted, my life would not be as great as it is today. Getting what Allah wants for me is a far superior gift, and I see that now. I no longer need to feel frustration when things don’t go my way, because I just have to wait for it, and my reward comes in bigger ways. 

Moment by Moment, Coast Through Life

Isn’t it obvious that we have to get through the time here moment by moment? And each moment has been custom made for us. Where we strive for success and we know the manifestation of the success is in Allah’s hands, not ours?

Feel liberated by this. None of this matters in the ways you think it does. We are heading to a much better place and this is just a walk around the block. But if you don’t walk straight, you will be lost and blow your chances at getting to the coolest part of life, the Hereafter. So go straight.

Do the right thing. Understand what Allah wants from you. Read the Quran every morning before you start your day, it has all the answers you are looking for – give it a chance. Stay devoted. Many will come along and deviate you from your path, don’t let that happen. 

Sound Ideology, the best thing that could happen to you.

Once you recognise what is sound ideology, you will never even think about deviating. You will pick up sound ideology from the Quran, it is loaded with perfect modules for life. Then your navigation system will be fine tuned. You’ll know what it means to coast through life.

You will know who is good for you and who will lead you astray. You will understand what will work, what won’t. We all come with these signs and we show them to each other constantly, we’re dropping hints about our true state. Learn to read that, it’s a power.

People will be like screaming billboards that either say “hey, I am going to be one of those people that lead you off the track. I will increase your challenges and difficulties. You will never be able to track it back to me, and that’s the coolest part – you will never blame me!”.

Or the people you encounter will be screaming “hey, I don’t have time to waste in this life. I want to please Allah, even if I don’t know it right now, something is guiding me to do things, learn things, and be the person that wants to please their Creator. Even if this isn’t where I coast through life, so be it.

They continue, if you hang out with me, my desire to please Allah will rub off on you, and we both can be on this journey together. This will be a reinforcement for me, because I would love my companions to ensure I stay on the right path.

It would be a shame to blow my chances at the best Hereafter just because I befriended those that don’t get it. They actually don’t even know how to coast through life.

Success, at your feet.

Those that get it, become very comfortable with success. Somehow things happen to them with a sense of blessing, ease, and most importantly there is harmony in everything they do. The ease with which things happen for you will be uncanny.

By the same token, you will be sure that the things that don’t happen for you, were for the best. Coast through life, it can’t get better than that.

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