Key to success

2:8 Baqarah – The key to success, is clear

2:8 Wamina annasi man yaqoolu amannabiAllahi wabilyawmi al-akhiri wamahum bimu/mineen

And of the people are those who say, “We believed in Allah and the Last Day,” but they are not believers.

Key to success: Be aware of fooling yourself. I believe we all have the potential to be the best of Allah’s people. If you can’t see that for yourself, at least ask for it. Ask Allah to make you the best of His people, and surround you by the best of His people. There could be no better way to live than this. Imagine when you are with those that He is pleased with. How would that feel? It’s like the ultimate inner club. If these are people He is pleased with, then they are liking going to the best places in the Afterlife. Make sure, that is your goal too.

Best of his people

It’s like watching a group of people through a window. You’re on the outside looking in. They are loving and kind to each other. They are feeding each other wholesome foods and speaking to each other in the best way. So much love and respect is surrounding them. You think to yourself, “I will never have that, as much as I want it, it’s not something I would be given”. Rather, why not ask for it? Why not say “oh Allah, please give me that too, and better”. 

Know how to believe

The challenge is more like, we don’t know how to believe. We think it’s a big thing, while it has it’s highest value, you just need to relax, give it up to Allah, and let go. That’s the key to success. It’s ease is so fruitful, that you won’t understand why you couldn’t do it all along.

Relax, it’s magical

Your key indicator is, “are you relaxed?” I mean, a deep sense of calm and confidence. The kind you feel when someone has taken care of a serious matter for you that you thought could never be resolved. If the answer is “no”, then you do not know what it’s like to be close to Allah. Because when you KNOW you are with Him, you are completely relaxed. That is a key to success that does not give you panic attacks, you do not get anxiety, you do not worry. And when you are in this pure state of calm, your thinking and achievements reach a peak with ease.

The Boss: the real key to success

How can you be anything but relaxed? When the Boss is with you. He is the Boss of everything. And what He says, goes. Do we understand how huge that is? In fact, it’s incumbent on us to breathe in, and exhale whilst actively getting more and more relaxed…do this before salat, do this all the time. And be with God all the time. It’s magical, nothing like it.

Imagine if you actively stayed relaxed throughout your day. How would that change your life? Your health? Your relationships? When you just know that nothing can go wrong because you are completely in Allah’s hands and you can simply stay relaxed. Now, that is power.

Don’t let this be you

Never be of those that just “say” they believed. Yet, they actually didn’t. Because they didn’t know how to believe. The magic formula is a sheer state of relaxation where you feel nothing but comfort, confidence that “it’s all being done”, and gratitude that you have such a huge privilege as this luxury of being close to the Boss. You are a guest of Allah, and that’s the key to success. Say Alhumdulillah.

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