Fooling ourselves

2:9 Baqarah – Fooling Ourselves, Intense

2:9 YukhadiAAoona Allaha wallatheenaamanoo wama yakhdaAAoona illa anfusahum wamayashAAuroon

They seek to deceive Allah and those who believe, yet they deceive no one except themselves, but they just don’t realise it.

We’ve all been fooling ourselves from time to time. Imagine thinking that you can deceive Allah? How could anyone believe that’s even possible? Does your mind wander whilst you’re in prayer? That’s a tough one. It happens to all of us.

And we are sure that Allah knows this is happening. He knows who is bothered by their lack of focus and who is oblivious to it. A sincere heart will struggle to keep their focus. Even if they fail, they will repeatedly try again.

When we get too clever for our own good, we only deceive ourselves. I know many people who think, “no one will know”, and I’ll just fool them. The deception they engage in can never sustain. It’s best to acknowledge our shortcomings and continue trying earnestly.

The truth dispells fooling ourselves

The truth is the only thing that can last, the rest will perish. We know that. I have no doubt you have seen it in your life over and over again too. So, let’s all stop fooling ourselves. When someone is so convinced of their own deception, that they think they’ve even fooled God.

This is a very dangerous place to be. It won’t end well, I can tell you that much. It’s time to wake up and realise it. Again, if you don’t know whether this applies to you or not, or even if you are sure that it doesn’t apply to you, pray that it doesn’t.

Pray not for deception

Pray that you are one of the good ones, even if you are convinced that you are. You can never be too sure. We are often deluded by our own reality

By saying, well I didn’t know and it’s not my fault, is not good enough. I can tell you, you can be sure it’s your fault. We are told that everything good happens because of Allah and everything bad happens because of you. So no, you did not try hard enough.

You are not the victim

This do not happen to you. You are a willing party. You are not desperate for the truth. If you were, you would be obsessed about it in your prayers. You would non stop ask Allah to always lead you to the truth. Then the doors of truth begin to open.

When something is not right, you will just know. And if you’re not sure, you will know that too. It just means you need to keep asking. The state of deception is voluntary, don’t think otherwise. To say you are an innocent victim, won’t fly.

Allah says that everything good happens because of Him and all bad happens because of you. So are you innocent? None of us are, if we allow ourselves to fool ourselves. Come to terms with this, it is a delusion that will cost us if we are not awake.

The world is getting trickier

And because we are living in trickier times, the last thing we need is a condition of fooling ourselves. Our perceived innocence is true ignorance. Not to be dismissed forgivingly. We are living ina world where we have all the navigational tools.

To say that we didn’t know better, is to cop out. We can navigate perfectly if we turn to Allah. If we know with all our hearts, all our yaqeen, that He loves us and would never forsake us if we are sincere.

Love yourself enough to love Allah. Come out of self deception. Let’s get out of fooling ourselves. All self inflicted. And get into the hands of Allah, where deception cannot exist.

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