Help me

1:3 Fatiha – Help Me

1:3Arrahmanir Raheem

The Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy.

“Help me”. It got so difficult for me at one point in my life, that all I could say was this. I was too exhausted to list out my specifics, though I needed them to be heard desperately, there just was no more energy left in me.

I was shattered. Mustering up the energy to do anything was a challenge, giving myself the strength to get out of my lowest point was an uphill battle. Praying too, took so much of my energy.

Never “eat healthy”, their lies did not help me

I now know today, that I would never have gotten so far and deep into my lowest situations if I knew the truth about food.  Perhaps my attempts to “eat healthy” are similar to your today. So I really hope this helps you.

We were miserably misguided. Green juicing, salads, fruits, and whatever society taught is the norm, is anything but healthy. We now know that all plants are loaded with oxalates, deuterium, lectins, glyphosates, and all kinds of anti nutrients that will only debilitate you.

No, there is no “different diet” for different people. If you eat plants, it will harm you. Full stop. I know, this one is hard to get over. They did a good job at indoctrinating us since kindergarten. And now most of us will reject anything that opposes that.

It’s a shame. Because we do not have the truth here. Eating plants is not healthy for us, and I am convinced it was because of all the attempts at eating “healthy”, taking supplements, juicing, etc that got me to that lowest point in my life.

Yes, life happens. But when we are healthy we can deal with it better. But first we need to know the truth on how to get there. And it’s not what they’re telling us.

So now, my favorite thing to ask Allah for in most of my prayers is “the truth”. I sincerely want to learn the truth about everything. For years I have been suspicious whether our best interest is being served by ‘the system’.

Are we really being looked after or are we falling into a trap of control. Because today we know that a lot of what we are and were told to do, is actually harmful to us. I learned that when they said cholesterol, animal fat, and red meat is bad for us, it actually revives us!

It’s true. Yet, from the schooling system where we learned all types of wrong and even dangerous ideas, to our food and health public advice, we got it completely wrong. I turned my health, energy levels around so well by eating what they tell us not to eat, that I am beginning to wonder…

Why don’t they want us to be healthy?

So, can the truth help me?

What loving mother wouldn’t help me?

Only live by the truth, no matter what

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