In my daily diary about the Quran, surah Fatiha, verse 4, I am strengthened by my need to be held by Allah. When I feel His grasp of me, I know I never want Him to let go.

1:4 Fatiha – From need to be held, to being held

1:4 Maliki yawmi addeen

The Master of the day of Judgment. 

Every now and then, we need to be held. For so many reasons. Because there’s no linear story in life, is there? We have experiences, life events, and feelings. But it’s not as straightforward as Cinderella, for example. No. We are going through a journey that was written by the Master of all Writers.

He has written for us, a story that no other could replicate. The lesser intellects seem to believe that all good stories must have an introduction, crisis, climax, resolution, and conclusion. Isn’t that what we all learned in school? How boring and predictable. Yawn.

The real story is when you have the journey mastered by the Master. You yourself get excited, because the suspense is so thrilling. You get scared, You get happy. You get passionate. You get angry. You get sad.

What movie gives you this medley of experiences? No movie. The Writer of life has the highest intellect. He knows when we need to be held, and when we need to hold.

We need to be held, but not for His benefit

Our job? Navigate your thoughts, actions, and feelings according to what Allah told you was best for you. Not because He needs it, you do. You remember, those mandates given to us in the Quran? Did you think they were to benefit Allah?

When the Master Himself is trying to tell us something, how could we possibly ignore that? There’s nothing you can do to benefit God, He is self sufficient. He doesn’t need favors from us. He gave us so many clues, no, he spelled it out for us.

There’s no guessing game on how to live. He tells us clearly how to act, behave, and feel your way through life. And if we do, our story will turn out better than any ‘feel good’ movie we’ve ever seen. We need to be held accountable if we will fully choose to ignore Allah’s advice.

The secret? His rules

We know, from what Allah Himself tells us. When we are in front of Him one day, we will say that we were in this life for only one day. That’s how fast this life will pass us by. So, let’s all wake up. We are not suffering. We are building towards eternal bliss.

When I started to trust that, everything changed. I embraced all with every goodness I was taught by Allah in His book. Sure, I still need to be held, mostly by Allah. I’ve failed many times at that goodness that I should strive for.

But for sure I will not give up trying to be that level of good – the knowledge of it is a gift from Allah. Attaining it is the best gift I can give myself. So follow His rules, there is a secret in them, if you could only trust Him, the one who Created you. The one who loves and knows you better than yourself!

From need to be held, to being held

At my lowest points in life. All those moments when I felt that I was going through the steepest uphills alone. There came a point, when I was convinced that I am actually not alone. The complete assurance that Allah is with me, was felt at every moment.

He sees all the good. He also sees all the bad. He sees everything. So He knows exactly what is happening to me. Yes, He knows when I need to be held, I have no doubt. And I also have no doubt that He is holding me throughout my life. And we all need to be held.

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