Best of his people

1:6 Fatiha – The best of His people, what I really want to be!

1:6 Ihdina assirata almustaqeem

Guide us the straight way

Being the best of His people means that we have to recognise that there’s an “us” in this verse. So why am I saying this 17 times a day and for all of “us”, not just me? Most likely, I figured, because it’s much easier when we are all the best of His people together.

It’s the only way we can actually be among the best of His people, is if we pray for everyone to become like that. A perfect strategy. Because then I can be sure to be surrounded by as many of the best of His people as possible, so that I have enough examples around me to become one myself.  

Did you ever get invited to a party and plan for weeks how you were going to attend and all the cool people you were going to meet, what you were going to wear, and so on? The prep work for such an affair is extensive. 

Well, the party of the best of his people, is actually the coolest one you can go to.

Cool parties with the best of His people

Everyone knows that “cool” party that’s equally “cool” to go to. But then, something happens, and suddenly you’re not able to go. And it happens again, and again. Disappointed that you just can’t seem to make it happen, they begin to forget you.

You carry on, to one day find out those cool people are doing some pretty bad things. Perhaps someone was cheated by one or two. Perhaps another was a terrible gossip and backbit everyone. Maybe one even ended up being taken to court for defrauding their friends.

“Phew”, you think, “I’m so smart for avoiding that crowd!” But it wasn’t you, it was the guidance of  how we said “us” in this verse, that made you ask for this type of protection. That “us” is your network and links and close relationships that you were allowed to hold on to.

And the cool party you missed, well that was definitely not the “us” you asked for. Trust me. Only those that were good for you were able to enter the realm of your life. Because you prayed for “us” to be guided. You prayed for the best of His people. 

Let my network be that

This makes me mindful of my “us”. Who do I keep getting placed around? Today, I live in a remote area outside of Granada, in the mountains, where I am surrounded by the serene sufi community.

These people love, laugh, help, and live near each other because they love seeing the reminder of Allah in each other’s faces. I never asked to be put into this direction. I didn’t even know that I wanted it, and certainly never knew how to ask for it.

But somehow I’ve found myself amongst the best of His people. Here. In a place that I never knew even existed. A place whose name I could not pronounce. But I now call home amongst the best of His people.

Exciting cities

I am a girl from very exciting cities. From Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, London, and so many more. Why would I ever be asked to be placed in a remote area in the Alpujarra Mountains of the Andalusia?

Because it’s the closest thing to paradise that I have ever experienced. But I didn’t know that. I envisioned a different outcome when I would pray for exciting things to happen in my life. And you know what, my reality has actually exceeded my asking.

Keep reading. You will hear how I ended up here.

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