To dress modestly you don't need anyone's approval

To Dress Modestly You Don’t Need Anyone’s Approval

Modest fashion is a rapidly growing trend, and you started it. So be the leader that you’ve proven yourself to be and always represent this space with class!

We, the modest fashion and lifestylers, have managed to dispel one of the most common myths around modest fashion. And that is, that you need to bed concerned about being judged if you dress modestly or cover.

How to Dress Modestly (and Why)

Dress modestly and stylish

You were heard loud and clear.

You established that we do not need anyone’s approval or validation to dress modestly.

The decision to wear modest clothing is taken by us only for the love of God, and we know it is the ultimate in elegance, beauty, and class – and nothing less will do. We are proud to be influencers in pioneering the modest fashion revolution.

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How to be modest and fashionable at the same time

Modesty is about being your own person; it’s about owning your confidence whilst aiming for excellence.

Before we talk about why approval isn’t necessary for modest fashion, let’s review what we mean when we talk about “modest fashion.”

It’s not as simple as wearing long skirts or covering up with a scarf or shawl — while those may certainly be part of a modest fashionista’s life, there’s much more that goes into it.

For example, modesty is about being your own person; it’s about owning your confidence whilst aiming for excellence in your good character. That’s right, class is at the essence of everything that you say and do. That’s the modest you.


The reason why the world is so obsessed with modesty now is that they see the elegance that millions around the world like you represent. They see your unbreakable dignity and self-respect. You aren’t interested in anything that compromises your values system., and that is worthy of immense respect.

Why Approval for the Modest Lifestyle Isn’t Necessary

It’s all about expressing your values and faith based principles.

Modest fashion isn’t something that requires anyone else’s input — no matter how well-meaning — because it has nothing to do with anyone else. It is a journey that you take for God and with God. It’s all about expressing your values and faith-based principles.

Dress modestly and be self confident

The respect for women embracing modesty has skyrocketed over the years. They don’t care about trends, what’s in, what’s out, that is not language they use. You dress according to your personal style. It’s your brand, and you’ve built value in it without the help of big names.


And by being the authentic you, you’ve seized the opportunity to educate others on what modesty really means. The fact that all this was ultimately your decision is why you are the soft leader of today, the one that people trust and value.

The Power of Choice to Dress Modestly

Modesty frees us from the shackles of trying to keep up.

Dress modestly and be stylish

At the end of the day, dressing modestly is an individual choice and no one has the right to dictate to anyone to go toward or away from their modest lifestyle. 

Part of what makes this trend so powerful is that we have control over our own life. Modesty frees us from the shackles of trying to keep up, caring about being accepted, or liked.

A modest fashionista isn’t interested in those things, she knows what her faith and values mean to her.

You chose the modest lifestyle because you think of God before anything else, not because you want to be accepted. Yet, ironically, that’s what makes you the focus of everyone’s respect.


Your cool exterior, and stronghold of God’s place within your heart, make you a force unlike any other. Why would that require any type of seeking outside approval or validation from anyone? No matter what other people may say or think, remember that the Ultimate Power above, has given you all that you require – you don’t need anything when you have that.

You are held in high regard for being decent and keeping intact your honor.

Conclusion About Modest Fashion and Lifestyle

Embrace your right as an individual to live to the max, that only a modest lifestyle could deliver to you.

When done for the right reason, dressing modestly and your modest lifestyle that comes with it, can be an incredibly empowering experience. Not only are you expressing yourself with a calm and intelligent approach, you’ve also made it clear that seeking outside approval or validation from anyone else is just not a part of who you are in the modest lifestyle.

dress modestly and embrace your rights

At its core, modesty is all about walking through life with self esteem. You were blessed to be guided toward this dignity by the One who you gracefully turn to in prayer. You don’t judge others, because you know everyone has their journey, and they all deserve human respect. And you don’t preach your ways to anyone either because you know there is no compulsion in this lifestyle.

Your mere existence in your modest lifestyle, and compliance with your faith-based values, says it all in ways that words could never express. That is what draws everyone’s respect toward you.


So go ahead and embrace your right as an individual to live to the max, that only a modest lifestyle could deliver to you! They see what they are missing out on, and that’s why they, too, are gravitating towards you. Everyone deserves this level of freedom and confidence that comes with making their own decisions guided by values-based principles gifted to us by God!

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