Media controlling - 5 points on fear game or truth news?

SK5 – Media control -5 points on the fear game or truth news?

Is the media controlling us?

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The media defined its role as only doing puff pieces or hit pieces. I’m convinced of it. That’s it. There is no more integrity in the media. And I can’t recall a time when there was. That’s the sad thing about my generation. The truth is too inconvenient for them to uphold.

How do we decipher what media controlling is?

Reading the truth and when it’s inconvenient.

So if you want the truth, don’t look at any of the media outlets, and the so called news sources. They’re not interested in keeping you informed for the sake of your well being or giving you real information. I mean, I just feel like we’re living in a time when you can actually bribe the media to do puff pieces on anything. It’s called sponsorship and advertising, not news. But come on. I mean, it’s so obvious now, when they all carry the same text everywhere. It looks scripted, because it is.

Yeah, you’re right. It’s cheap. It’s the same script. At least get creative with your scripts. The latest striking example was, let’s build back better. This was on everyone’s lips, remember? These are slogans that we’re supposed to be brainwashed by. Stay at home, it saves lives – another one. I mean, these repetitive words are supposed to work into our psyche.

That’s how I see it.

Am I wrong?

Is the media controlling us

People must be herded into a certain direction. The media is the tool to do that, it’s a powerful means to steer people. The idea of “global news” is new. Before people were only interested in your local life, right? Just think even one or two generations before, people were very much living within their villages, communities.


In Europe, 80% of the people were living in the countryside as opposed to now. They would go 50 kilometers to a larger city for any errands, and for many, that would be probably once in a lifetime, right?

So nobody could lie to you about what’s going on. You had direct experience or you could have witnesses who were people you knew, that you would have real conversations with to decipher the truth

Now even the villages and communities turn to the media to learn what they think is the truth, giving the media a lot of power to say what they wish in order to rope people in to any narrative that’s important to those who control the media.


In those days, nobody was really interested in news outside their sphere. And then over time, information just became so fast, it just became more available everywhere. And that became an opportunity somewhere along the way to control what people think.

Trust media controlling network - are we really informed?

That’s the question. Is it real information?

The FTX scandal, for example, the mainstream media was treading so carefully because Sam Bankman Freid (SBF), the Founder and the CEO, was a big source of funds for media outlets.


And for those of you who don’t know, it’s the biggest scandal involving a cryptocurrency exchange that was found not only on corruption and mismanagement charges on every level, but losing billions of dollars of their customers money.


So when this was all going down and it was even blowing up on the internet, everyone was talking about it. No media outlet ran with the story, at least not accurately.

This guy and his cohorts were hooked on medical drugs. That’s what they did for pleasure. This, among so much more that was coming out about these people who many entrusted their livelihoods to. Yet the only interview that SBF gave was to the New York Times and it was a joke. Not once did the New York Times mention fraud or rebuke the corruption of the whole FTX scandal.

  • I mean, wouldn’t that be the whole point of the interview?
  • In fact, all they could do is highlight this guy’s generosity with all the money he gave. And to whom?
  • Well primarily it was politicians and of course, oh, yes, it was the media. So are we surprised that the New York Times didn’t get incensed and get all worked up and firstly, write a scathing article on this crime?
  • It is left to all the rest of us who must do our own research and try to go to as many valuable sources of information on our own in order to learn the truth?

That seems to be the only way this day and age. I think we we are going to have to learn how to deal with the media the same way the Soviet citizens were dealing with their media. They didn’t have access to a lot of different newspapers. There were two of them. And they were saying that there’s no news in the truth.

And there’s no truth in the news.

So they got it.

Trust media network - are we really informed

They also learned quickly that when they were reading these newspapers, they were reading them not in order to know what was said, but to really get what was not said. And to see what was really on the mind of anyone that wants to push any kind of a narrative or agenda. They were very clever and that’s how we have to look at the news today.


It’s time to look at the headlines and ask, okay, what is it that they’re really trying to get at?

So you have someone who is attacked in the media for whatever reason. Now the way to read it is not that he’s attacked for this and this reason.

It’s why are they talking about it in the media?

Yeah, that’s a great question.

Is the media trustworthy

When is it time to challenge the headlines? Asking the questions is just the starting place to understand how media controlling works.

I think people are not challenging things enough to think along these lines. That these newspapers have owners and their controllers who have agendas. And never anything that goes beyond that. Anything against that agenda will not be allowed to have any air time.

We see all the time how things get shut down and deleted and cancelled if they go against the mainstream narrative.


And what’s really shocking to me is that the people that buy it will vilify you for saying anything against what’s in the in the mainstream headlines. So you become the bad guy if you say something that you may have knowledge about. You will get attacked.

Of course you will.

It’s also enough to intimidate some journalists too.

Those that say they are free to write whatever they want and investigate as they wish. Then they realise, there’s always the editor. So you can be as honest as possible as a journalist who is pushing for the truth. Then they face an editor who says, we’re not going to publish this and if you push for it, you’re out. If the journalist doesn’t you tow the line, your done.


And speaking of words, the New York Times headline said how Sam Bankman Freid’s (SBF) crypto Empire collapsed. Okay, there’s a lot more than his business just collapsing.

How about the corruption and the abuse of his company?

Is the media trustworthy - when is it time to challenge them

They covered accolades of his so called philanthropy, continued investments, political donations. Yet not one single mention of illegal activity, which the story is rife with.

That is the story!

That’s a blatant puff piece, simply shameful.


SBF is being called arguably the largest financial criminal in human history. And the New York Times is just oblivious to it, can’t get their finger on it. Pretty appalling. They further gloss over the evil by saying that he continues to play his favorite video games.

What kind of a story is this?

That video game, by the way, was storybook brawl. Which is a game that SBF acquired under FTX. So FTX became the owner of storybook brawl, because he says it helps him to unwind. You know, clear his mind. That’s what the New York Times could talk to this guy about during this whole crisis.


There are so many disconnects showing, yet people don’t see. It has been so obvious. Drug consumption, absolutely no governance structure into this big company. Actually, the guy who is in charge of liquidating the company under Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws in the US was the one who liquidated Enron

And he said he has never seen such a level of, he almost says active corruption. And willful lack of financial governance. He says, this is the biggest crime ever seen. Wow. And yet the New York Times was just telling the story of someone very generous. Something happened and now he’s just unable to save the world anymore.


It’s closer to an advertisement, this New York Times piece. It’s a PR piece. Puffing up SBF rather than a critical and expert standard of journalism. There’s none of that in this. It’s not even reporting anything, it’s more of the same game of support those that pay you at any cost.

Controlled by the media

And the cost here is a truth. The cost here is at the the lives of these people who lost their money because this guy’s and his criminal corruption was a bigger player than the average person who trusted his services and their safety.


Yet the media didn’t cover that there’s a whole network of inappropriate behavior around the money he took from people. So you take people’s money, and you create the scam of sending this money to supposedly support Ukraine. To help them buy armament, yet we have no accountability from Ukraine. And he also took FTX money for donations that were given to both parties, interring to note it was mostly to the democratic group to.

How does media manipulate us

The more you dig deep, the more you peel back the layers.

It’s not only incredible that it could happen, it’s incredible that it’s out there.

It’s appalling because the more you dig deep, the more you peel back the layers and find more and more disturbing information about this whole story that the media has failed to report. From a political point of view, the house has put together an inquiry and the members of this commission happened to be those who have actually received a donation from this SBF guy and his FTX.

No conflict of interest there right?


It’s not only incredible that it could happen. It’s incredible that it is out there. The real information is out there, you can find the truth about this if you make an effort. Yet there’s absolutely no reaction. I put it on par with all the stuff we were told about COVID. We saw evidence that there was some gain of function, people working on giving some viruses more potency to infect humans.

In the name of research.

This research had been forbidden to be done in the US by Obama. So Fauci and his crowd descend the research onto China. Under grants from, from the US government. And the string of corruption we’ve seen since is astounding.

  • Yet, why isn’t literally everyone demanding explanations?
  • Why isn’t everyone asking the obvious questions around Covid?

So SBF a shockingly troubled individual, and we must all know that people like that exist. He had clear knowledge of what he was doing was wrong. He had clear intent to deceive, and very real damage was caused as a result. And yet, we have these handpicked media outlets that covered him favourably. While we have people that were genuinely cheated and lives were shattered.

The media was actually trying to sanitize his reputation.

Media controlling - 5 points on fear game or truth news?

Another example was Forbes when they did a piece on SBF’s ex girlfriend, who by the way, was also the CEO of SBF’s other company, Alameda research who was stealing funds from FTX. So it was all just one big happy party that they were involved in jointly. Yet the Forbes headline called her Queen Caroline, the risk loving 29 year old embroiled in the FTX collapse.


Yeah, risk with other people’s money embroiled in the FTX collapse. That was the headline yet she was aware of the fraud and participated in it. It largely contributed to the wipeout of the billions in customer assets. Yet they start the article off with how she is a math whiz genius. Loves Harry Potter. Oh, and they forgot that she’s also a supporting player of SBF’s FTX catastrophe.

They built her in this darling piece, which makes absolutely no sense how she could be the darling of anyone. You could get that this whole story was manipulative. After they got backlash for this title, and they changed it to, Meet Caroline Ellison, the fake charity nerd girl behind the FTX collapse.

Okay, getting warmer, but it’s unacceptable the way the media plays with us.

Today’s media is an insult to our to our intelligence. And it should be an insult to every single human being that opens a newspaper or looks at any media headline on a daily basis. They should be offended, So many common sense rules have been broken.

I agree with you.

When the lines of trust are blurred

At the end of the day, you get the heroes you deserve.

Washington Post’s article, pretty much did the same thing. They said that the Founder of FTX poured millions into pandemic prevention. That was what they said. So firstly, don’t get me start on the media’s horrible role in misguiding us during the pandemic, let alone them touting him the hero.

SBF was the hero for pouring millions into pandemic prevention?


I’m sorry, that makes me really skeptical. I think it’s creepy that he was doing that because I can tell you I don’t think his pandemic support was in the interest of people, given how many were shattered during the lockdown. Not to mention the vaccine misinformation. So if someone like that is getting behind anything to do with the pandemic, I’m skeptical right away.

Now it’s not just misinformation.

It’s blatantly forcing people into situations that no one was telling them the truth about during the pandemic.

And so now they’re touting SBF as a hero for putting millions of dollars into pandemic prevention?


What was his role in the so called pandemic prevention that he funded? I think we can all assume pretty much the worst of this guy. Anyway, then they have this headline change too, FTX failure dooms founder’s effort to prevent another pandemic.

So enraging.

When the lines of trust in media are blurred you get super-hero on a plate

So this guy has hurt so many people in the interest of himself and his rich friends. And we want him to be the one to prevent another pandemic, according to this article.

When likely, that’s code word for getting us good again, like are we that stupid that we’re going to trust this man to be our pandemic prevention expert, after what he’s done?


At the end of the day, you have the heroes you deserve. They’re telling us that he lost the millions he was actually going to spend to do pandemic prevention for us. He was such a superhero.

Compare this with the situation of someone who has made a mistake in his tax returns, and he’s been persecuted by the IRS. And can go to prison, because of an honest mistake. Now compare the treatment of this person, to the treatment of this other person, who is being depicted a victim because he was only trying to do good things.

No, he got caught doing horrible things.

Manipulative media - Final thoughts

He who controls the media controls the masses.

It’s a clear message that money speaks, because this guy’s money is still working for him. He’s still got the media on his side who’s trying to clean up his reputation and spin stories to his favor.


This level of control that the media has can only lead to our very own destruction. And if you’re still not convinced that the media is not interested in the truth. That they’re not interested in your well being or informing you of the truth. Let’s take one more headline from Reuters, which said that SBF did the financial system a favor.

Yet the FTX crime is far more devious than that of Enron. And we have to hear anything but about the actual crime from the media. The media is the actual crime that was committed. I mean we actually have to hear that Sam Bankman Freid did a favor to the financial system? So as we can see, the media is working for wherever their interest lies.


We use SBF as a case study. But really, fill in the blank with anyone else, or any other topic. Take any headline that you saw today, just plug it into here.

  • Plug in any of the previous headlines, lockdowns, COVID, vaccine, how about war?
  • How about the economic crisis that they want to keep scaring us through?
  • What about climate change?

All these headlines and all these panic buttons that they keep pushing. It’s all for a reason that we must push hard to learn more about. And that reason is not truth. That reason is also not for the greater good of us. Ask questions like, who are they helping when they paint pictures with words like, math whiz and Harry Potter fan, and do gooder pandemic preventer.


You know, he was someone who just made a couple of mistakes along the way. It’s appalling. The media continues to prove itself to be dishonest, corrupt, and an unworthy machine of lies, who have little or no value in our lives. People get jail sentences for much less than that.

Yes, yes.

And really painting the thief as a hero because he stole your car. And he did a favor to you because you could have had an accident with it. It’s that astonishing.

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