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The Modest Lifestyle is Bringing Beauty Back

There is a strong connection between modesty and elegance, and there is no denying that. When modesty fades in society, so does elegance, it is that co-dependent. Modesty is more like an attitude of decency not only in your dress but also in your behavior and lifestyle. As more people crave happiness and meaning in their lives, they recognize why a modest lifestyle plays a vital role.

Modest fashion is now a multi billion-dollar market. According to a report of 2022, Iran was the leading modest apparel market with net sales amounting to $50 billion. The second biggest revenue in modest fashion was generated by Turkey at $36 billion. Not surprisingly, the UK, France, and Germany make up the next biggest market for modest fashion. What does that tell us? That modest fashion is everywhere. It is global!

What is modesty?

Let’s have a look at the definition of “modesty” from the Oxford Dictionary:

1.            The quality or state of being unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities.

2.            Behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.

From this, we see that contrary to the common belief that modesty is all about “No’s” and “restrictions,” it’s much more than that!

Modesty is a way of life. It’s how you talk, how you deal with people around you, how you see life, and what kind of goals drive your life. It is more about focusing on the things that matter and reducing the excess.

Your way of dressing is just one part of the modest lifestyle. “Your clothes tell a story of who you are without even saying a word.”  It’s a representation of your moral values.

There are many more aspects of the modest lifestyle, and collectively they render the level of beauty we all desire, unexpectedly.

When Did Modesty Become a Thing?

We all know that modesty is an integral part of many religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism,  and more, and it has been encouraged and practiced by many for ages.

So, modesty has been around since the beginning of time. And now, social media has kept us in touch with our modest lifestyle communities, where we can uphold why it is an invaluable part of life whilst having a bit of fun with tips and tricks to keep us optimal with beauty, grace, and a level of contentment that couldn’t be felt otherwise. It’s not a wonder why so many influencers and celebrities share their positive experiences with modest fashion and lifestyle. Their endorsement has certainly helped to put modest fashion in center stage.

The look that many were once ignorant to, dismissing it without understanding it, is now confirmed as the epitome of elegance throughout the world. Confirming that it can never be a fad or a trend, it is timeless beauty which has always been around and will always be. Shun it all you want, people from all walks of life will continue to be there to remind you that nothing is more beautiful than modesty.

Modesty – The Beauty of Humility and Simplicity

The modest lifestyle naturally garners an unassuming beauty complete with humility. Because we have no interest in proving ourselves to anyone, we simply live to be of value to the world rather than ascribing value to ourselves.

Somewhere along the way, our habits and demands align with a values-based life which reflects a beautiful character. When beauty is that real, it results in beautiful actions and interactions, even with those who take an adversarial turn on us. Embracing modesty means, incorporating balance in life. You know when to speak for yourself, and you also know when staying silent and calm is better. And this balance strengthens not only one’s personality but it fortifies relationships.

The best part is, generally speaking, that the modest lifestyle community don’t care if you’re impressed or not. They embrace this way of life for God, which is the coolest part about them. The resulting beauty, charm, and elegance are not contrived; it’s a natural consequence of their lifestyle. One only has to give the modest lifestyle a try to understand why people rarely look back once they’ve discovered the magic of it. We can never give up what it brilliantly does for us, our respect, honor, and self-esteem.

The Modest Lifestyle results in a happier life: how you can have your share:

1)            Let’s be clear: no beauty standard is unrealistic. It’s when you get obsessed about it, is when you make it unhealthy. You can be as beautiful as you desire, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get it. Beauty is not desperate. It is confident. One knows why they were created and that the key to being beautiful inside and out is to patiently persist. Work on yourself with dignity. Real beauty feels good all around, understand that.

2)            Your first step, and 90% of the battle is to eat only what’s good. The moment people cut out sugar, caffeine, and non animal based items (see our Seen Kaaf Podcast on why a carnivore diet is optimal) from their system, they became optimal in every way including bright eyes, fresh skin, and even better hair condition. [Reversed TV Series]. Don’t let any business tell you that you can only achieve this if you buy something from them. This can be an easy fix for free. While light body toning, even if it’s a daily walk and sit ups & push ups, completes the picture, food is still 90% of that picture.

3)            Moisturize with tallow. There is no substitute. Our staff has been using tallow for a long time, and our skin has never been more supple. Some of us even put it on our hair and scalp as a leave in or wash it out. Not only does it strengthen the roots, we have less fall out, and softer hair.

4)            Learn your style and don’t apologize if you’re the only one not showing skin at the party. You are extremely valuable. Your worth is not measured with ways that you are willing to compromise yourself, it is measured in the dignified way you carry yourself. Your personal style will show them how that level of elegance can’t be achieved any other way, that’s your message of truth!

5)            Let others win. The modest standard is a high one. We need not compete. Once we are there, we trust we are in a good place. There is no need to compete when you’re at such a place, it is a gift. Cherish it, protect it, and let others “get ahead”, you only need to compete with yourself and out do your own self. Let others pass you, if they will. Your journey is at a steady pace. You know where you’re going, feel blessed about this because not many do.

6)            Don’t waste. We don’t need climate change and sustainability scares to know that we are not people of waste. Repeat those elegant clothes, walk to places when you can instead of driving, it’s good for you, and give away your nice things so others can benefit – by that token, don’t be too proud to take other people’s things, it is good for everyone to share and exchange.

7)            Don’t talk too much. There’s no need. Think of the people you admire most. Sure, we all laugh at the group clown, the one that yaks a mile a minute, says nothing, but gives us a few good laughs. But we rarely want to be that guy. The one we tend to admire is the one that speaks less but when they say something, we are so glad they spoke! Be that person. Gain knowledge and spread knowledge. Be a benefit to others with what you say.

8)            Above all, come to know your Creator. That’s right, it is a way to beauty. God is beautiful and He loves beauty.  So why not turn to Him for that which He has an abundance of? Would you go to a baker and think twice about asking for bread? So why not go to the Most Beautiful and ask for beauty?  And when you seek beauty from God, know that He will protect it from harm, jealousy, and adverse reactions. Blessings from Him, can only be given and taken away from Him alone, remember that.

Final note

Modesty brings you beauty like none other. It is the type of beauty that makes you stand out, because externally you are exquisite while internally you just keep glowing. It is also the beauty that brings out the charm of your inner soul. The fact that you don’t care about being the center of attention, may be the very reason you will be the center of attention. You’ve been warned.

Remember, you are a torch bearer of something invaluable. How you represent modesty can inspire so many, so know it well and wear it well. The modest lifestyle has all it takes to save the world. We would argue that our entire future depends on more people appreciating and embracing this lifestyle in order for decency to remain a thing in this life. Own it and build yourself with it. It will yield you a type of peace that you haven’t known before.


How can I practice a modest lifestyle?

Modesty is not like a college degree you can get after passing a series of exams. It starts with the journey of the heart. Do you know who you are? If not, turn your attention to your inner most values. What do you like and what don’t you like? Why? God tells us in the holy Quran that we may like something that is not good for us, and we may dislike something that is good for us. Take a deep dive into understanding if what you like and dislike might be working against you.

Where should I start if I want to be modest?

You can start with the most basic, and that is a change in your habits. Are you doing things just for attention? Is there a way you can do things, just to please your Creator? This practice will prevent you from falling into a trap of running towards trends that may not suit you. You’re better off wearing something out dated and proving that it is still elegant…because elegance is timeless. But don’t do it to get all the boys to look at you. Do it in your highest form of elegance to gain respect and admiration for the grace you personify. A shift in intention can mean everything. 

Does modesty mean leaving my friends circle?

Your real friends will always be there for you. If you have chosen to embrace the modest lifestyle, that’s good news for them too. Who would be upset with someone who chooses to be more classy, while remaining beautifully humble? We all want friends like that. So be the first in your circle if you have to be. This is how a movement towards peace and harmony starts. Don’t compromise on your values, you were created for a higher purpose, realize it.

Does a modest lifestyle help me reduce anxiety?

Modesty is calm, cool and comforting. Your modesty will keep you content. That is a formula for a healthy self-esteem as well as a healthy lifestyle. Imagine not contaminating yourself and your relationships with ways of the ego. When we can contain the ego, we can live more happily. The moment the ego goes out of control, is the moment life becomes turbulent. So if you want peace and no anxiety in your life, turn to the true beauty of the modest lifestyle. A lifestyle that combines humility, simplicity, and beauty. Feel the ripples as this blesses your soul and mind by rendering a success that reaches you with ease. Go ahead, do it. Be that modest lifestyle blessing to yourself and all those around you. The benefits just can’t be denied.

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