Not Understanding The Business Of Beauty: Can Be Harmful

Selling you the hope of beauty

Did you know that they lied to you about beauty? It doesn’t exist in a jar. It never did. And the business of beauty knows this little fact a bit too well. So what’s their only chance of converting you into a customer? It is to sell you the hope of beauty.

What is beauty?

Business Of Beauty

Let’s be honest. Anyone with flawless skin, dreamy eyes, and luscious hair will make us look in admiration. This is a fact of life, and we are all guilty as charged. Beauty is a massive global industry encompassing many products and services designed to enhance or alter a person’s physical appearance. From skincare and makeup to haircare, nail care, and even plastic surgery. The beauty industry offers numerous ways to achieve beauty standards that vary across cultures, periods, and social contexts. Their economic opportunities come from your insecurities. Once that’s in place, they can then tell you how they can fix things for you to make you more beautiful.

What they don’t want you to know about the business of beauty

If money were no object, the top-of-the-line skin care product with the most expensive ingredients and promises of all things beautiful would make your list. You could spend upwards of $1500 per month for such a regimen. And here’s what you would see: you stay with it, remain patient, and give up. Money can certainly be used to purchase beauty products, but it is essential to remember that beauty is not solely dependent on the products we use. I would argue, it rarely is.

They don’t want you to know about tallow for flawless skin

So how do we get that flawless skin? What they don’t want you to know is that tallow is the key to beautiful skin, and here is how you make it at home. Tallow is beef fat. When you melt it, it has no smell and an incredible creamy consistency. Take the fat only. Ask your butcher for fat scraps, he will be happy to give to you for free! Put in a saucepan on low heat until it starts liquifying, keep it on the heat until most of it liquifies. This can take hours. Once you have the liquid, strain it into a container. This may require straining through a cloth, you want no bits in there. If you want a nice scent, you can add 2 -3 drops of your favorite essential oil, I don’t do this because I like pure things with no scent. Let it cool and keep in a glass jar. Try this all over your skin, including face, for one week and tell me how I am your new best friend!

Not Understanding The Business Of Beauty: Can Be Harmful


Dreamy eyes need not be bought

Not Understanding The Business Of Beauty: Can Be Harmful

Let’s move on to dreamy eyes and away from coloured contact lenses. Do you want beautiful eyes? We all do. And do you know the best hack for this? Stunning lipstick. That’s right. If you wear flattering lipstick that makes your lips gorgeous, your eyes become dreamy. You don’t need ANY eye make-up or products of any kind for the eyes. Try it…it’s like magic any time. Go ahead. Wear absolutely no make up on your eyes and just wear color on the lips. Nothing else. Et voila, the gorgeous look!

Beautiful hair

Not Understanding The Business Of Beauty: Can Be Harmful

For that great hair, well. Let’s face it, we are born with the hair we have. Yes, we can treat it, chemically straighten it or curl it, dye it, wear extensions, and so much more. But we would only hurt it. Yet, I know what you’re thinking, if I leave it alone it’s horrendous. Fair enough. Why not try the same tallow that beautified your skin, on the hair? It’s remarkable. It will soften and nourish your hair immediately. It seems the hair’s job is to get damaged over our lifetime, so give it the best fighting chance with the same tallow you made for your skin.

Great Body

Let’s keep going. Want that body? Sure, it’s ok to say you want a fit body and look great in your favorite clothes. But having a good body is the healthiest way to live, which is why people consider it beautiful. We are all attracted to good health. Because healthy people exude a natural beauty. While many companies would love to sell you your new body, let’s be clear about what the real secret to a great body is; its superior protein intake. The kind you get from fatty red meat.


Why? Because protein from fatty red meat tackles inflammation, bloating, and water retention, to name a few things. Just 3 days of a complete elimination diet, that’s what they call this, of eating only fatty red meat, salt to taste, and water will make a significant difference. Watch your muscles start to tone as a bonus. Yes, you can finally get that body you want, and it doesn’t have to be so complicated.


Not Understanding The Business Of Beauty: Can Be Harmful

Sleep is something no one can offer you from a bottle. Once you increase your superior protein intake per the above tip, you will see how you will start sleeping like a baby. What does that achieve in optimizing your beauty, you say? Well, did you know sleep beautifies everything from your skin, eyes, hair, and even your mood? Try it, it’s free. But beware not to sleep too much, it can have the opposite effect on you. Unhealthy sleep is when you sleep too long or too little. Both can have negative consequences on you.


Do your homework on this, test how many hours are optimal for you by keeping track of when your eyes open naturally after sleeping. It’s usually the same amount each night. That is the indicator that you’ve had enough sleep. For some people it’s only 4 hours, and for others it can be more. Find out your optimal number and don’t go over 8 hours, which typically is plenty for everyone, and too much for some.

That smile

Not Understanding The Business Of Beauty: Can Be Harmful

When we smile, our facial muscles are activated, and our cheeks and eyes are enhanced, making our features look more defined and attractive. A smile can make us look more beautiful by optimizing our physical features alongside the default good mood. And to maintain your smile positive teeth, brush with miswak. Not only is it the solution to the poisonous fluoride toothpaste we all got conned into using, but the excretions from the twig will give you optimal results.

More about miswak

Literally meaning “tooth cleaning stick”, that is exactly what a miswak is. It has a 7,000 year history in dental hygiene. It is a twig that we clean our teeth, gums, and tongue with, which comes from the Arak tree. It’s amazing how advanced technology has brought many wonderful things to the dental care industry, yet nothing tops the miswak. Its effectiveness against tooth decay and preventing cavities is most effective because of the natural levels of sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, and calcium oxide.


Even the World Health Organization had to acknowledge the effectiveness of using miswak for dental hygiene over toothpaste, toothbrush, and other treatments, with the miswak being superior to all modern methods. Not to mention the dangers of fluoride and other harmful ingredients we are subjected to when using the latest products. Stick to the miswak, feel fresh, and improve your health as a bonus.

Final thoughts

The beauty industry has a significant social impact, with their marketing power, they can influence perceptions and convince anyone to try anything. But we say, don’t. Just step back and think of the many that tried before you to no significant outcome. Or worse, a rotten outcome. The outcome you are looking for is a lot closer than that. Give their chemicals a rest and give some critical thought to what we have presented. An uneducated consumer is a consumer at risk, and perfect for their marketing traps. The education begins when you understand that the best version of you, the most beautiful you, is the one that emerges after a few simple enhancements that can be done from home. It’s not more complicated than that.

Not Understanding The Business Of Beauty: Can Be Harmful


How is the beauty industry harmful?

The beauty industry is vast and complex, encompassing many products and services, including skincare, haircare, makeup, and personal care products. These products are full of promise but deliver very little. Consider understanding all your beauty potential first, then work on each area step by step by what you can do from home. The answers are in your hands, not theirs.

What are the things to consider in assessing my beauty potential?

  1. Your skin could be overwhelmed and underfed. What are you doing to it that is store bought? What are you eating that is hurting your skin? Are you eating enough beneficial protein, in particular fatty red meat? This is vital to your beauty and happiness. This is your first step.
  2. Accept the hair you were born with and stop trying to artificially and chemically fix it. You’re only hurting it and yourself with all the chemicals that you are absorbing. Try nourishing it with tallow, which will feed your very hungry hair. Then see the difference it makes.
  3. Feel how your eyes suffer when you try to coat them with all that gooky make-up. Get to know the effects of all these products before you try our simple tip for beautiful eyes above. Just great lip color, yep.
  4. How healthy is the rest of you? Your smile, your body, and more. Make a chart and be honest about what you write about yourself, body part by body part. That is the best way to know yourself and your beauty potential that factors in health. You know you are gorgeous, give that a chance.

How does beauty affect society?

Creating beautiful surroundings is important. From making yourself the most beautiful version of you to creating beauty in your home. It takes very little effort, but the effect it has on you, your loved ones, and even those that don’t know you is superb. Contribute to society with your optimal beauty inside and out.


How does success relate to beauty?

Being beautiful means that you look your best. It also means that you have a beautiful personality, which is something everyone likes. It also exudes inspiration in others because now you exude beautiful self confidence, good health, attention to detail, and purpose…alongside the physical charm. Well done!

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