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SK10 – Social Deception – Is Brainwashing Real Today?

Are you aware of the social deception

Ep10 – SEEN KAAF PODCAST – Are You Aware of Social Deception?

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Social deception destroys family

A subtle way of removing true values.

My biggest worry of today is this idea that I see as social deception.

Very often it’s a process by which wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. It’s completely a paradigm shift of opinions, standards and morals that is achieved softly and subtly and often takes a generation to entrench into society because there is a set of values that a generation is born with. And when that generation gets older, those values seem to dissipate over time and eventually go when that generation is gone.

And then these new values emerge. This opportunity is presented for these new, lesser values, in my opinion, to creep in. So today we’re seeing all these ridiculous discussions around can a boy be a girl and a girl be a boy? Which I think is absolutely just a plot to misguide and mislead our youth. And to just be perverse in areas that are absolutely unnecessary.


But slowly they’re working it in. They’re working this idea that, oh, come on, it’s normal, but it’s not normal! And it was never normal. If you ever told my grandmother, God rest her soul, anything like that, she would just be shocked at what’s coming out of one’s mouth.


Yeah. And when you talk about generations values being replaced over time in the next generation, I think this is a phenomenon that is very new. Basically, humanity has been living with the same values forever until probably 50, 60, 70 years ago, really.

Social deception destroys true values

For some reason, I just console myself by saying that this is just a generational thing. And so we have to, before we leave this world, impart upon the younger generation that look, this is not normal. This is normal. Let’s keep our values intact. Those who engineer this very deliberate and structured approach to the perversions of society know what they’re doing.


It’s deliberate, yes, because there is an idea behind it. It is an idea of driving society into being composed of individuals that are basically consumers. And these individuals are driven by their desires so that they can consume. Now, traditionally, and until that point, all society were based around other values, which is family driven and basically you as an individual were a part of a whole.


But what people aren’t realizing is that these new ideas that are being introduced about, let’s say, gender perversion or the types of abuse, self mutilation that they’re encouraging the youth to go through and even some of the elder generations are towing this line and going along with it are destructive to the family structure.

It destroys families.

How does brainwashing work

They start by erasing all natural structures.

So you have various systems. It can be a king, elected or not. It can be a president, it can be a council. But there’s always a final decider and there’s a hierarchy. And within the family there is someone who is ultimately responsible.


Now, if you want to have people that you can mold and you can drive their desires or their behavior according to your needs, whether you are a corporation or maybe a government, you want to erase all these natural structures and just make people believe or dream that they can be whoever they want and they don’t even have to obey natural laws.

But this is making people believe or dream this deception. What they’re actually doing is they’re pushing deception.

Look, if you want to know where you’ve been deceived, go to someone like your mother and ask your mother about the topic of sexuality and marriage. And for sure the younger generation will have a completely different opinion on the topic of sexuality and marriage than your mother would.

Because your mother comes from a place of values where she didn’t have to be taught what the family structure looks like. It was a given, it was the norm.


But the contrast in opinions doesn’t necessarily prove that she is old and antiquated. In fact, quite the contrary. It actually proves that the younger person has been deceived. They have been brainwashed and worked on over and over again through whatever it is, programming, whether it’s television or movies or video games or friends or schools.

Where do you stop?

How does brainwashing work

Textbooks, library meetings, after school meetings. They’re all designed in such a way to pull that younger mind towards their agenda rather than enforcing and grounding them in this set of values. Values that were just a given but one generation ago.


It’s because every system, every way we live, every social structure, it’s always a trade off, right? So you can always identify problems. There’s a balance of things. You have to give to receive. So in the name of the good, and this is one of the biggest traps that, let’s say, the evil forces are using is to use the love of the good in people in order to drive them astray.

So convince them that all perversions are normal and you must love everybody with every perversion that they may hold. And if you don’t, then you’re a bigot of some sort.


You’re the bad person because you can identify, let’s say, in the traditional family structure.

First you put the fact of being socially active and visible and the one who takes the decision to embrace all is the one who has the fame, who has the respect, who has the love of the community.

So you put this as a criteria.

Example of how social deception starts

A woman is a good example of how it all works.

Look at the woman as an example. If you look from the outside, you may notice that the woman’s influence within the traditional family is very hidden. Yet we know it’s major. She’s the one driving everything, but she’s leaving, let’s say, the face of the family to the man for the exterior. Okay, so there was a structure, there was a system, and the system really was profoundly beneficial to all members of the family.



But if you put first as a criteria of success, being the face. Being the one who supposedly decides. Who has ascribed to his name the decision and the power of making decisions. Whatever the influences behind and the discussions within the family, you put this as the epitome of success and of being respected. Of being a real person.

And then you look at the condition of the woman who is invisible in reality. Yet very active in making all the decisions, the real power of the structure. But officially invisible because she had no need to be recognized necessarily on the outside.

Social deception - woman as an example

She was respected because she’s always the queen. My mom, and I know your mom too, were always the queens of the home and the real deciders and the real powers. If you put as a criteria this public face, you see a person who has not such recognition from the outside, is a failure?


Then you can create an uneasiness in the woman. You can wind people up. She may feel that is unjust. Yes. And this is the driver.

Instead of recognizing that she has a place within a system, she will see I’m lacking this side of the balance. So it’s emotional control. Again, it’s a deception. So I’ve come to this interesting realization about deception, and I’m seeing it in the course of my life, and I’m floored by it.

Five stages of social deception

  1. It starts with the shocker stage, right? So it’s first shocking. It’s like, oh, my God, are you kidding? Mutilating your body to become the opposite sex? Come on, don’t be crazy. Right? So everyone’s shocked, and everyone just frowns at it and are just really traumatized by the idea.
  2. Then, of course, you move to the outrage stage. You’re just outraged, and you just want it to stop. Come on, stop that nonsense. Don’t talk like that.
  3. And pretty soon, don’t talk like that, becomes a part of the discussion. Now people are engaging in the discussion of it. So it’s no longer a shocker, it’s no longer an outrage. It’s now become a discussion. So you see how it’s kind of softening up already.
  4. And the discussion then obviously is moved towards tolerance, because that’s normally what discussions will do. They’ll say, if you don’t see it this way, you are intolerant. So you move it towards tolerance. You have to tolerate it because otherwise you’re a bad person. And of course, once you start tolerating anything that is shocking and despicable and disgusting, it no longer becomes that in your mind, because if it does, then you’re reminded that society will oust you, society will judge you, and society will reject you.
  5. Most people don’t want to be rejected, so then it becomes acceptance. You have no choice but to accept. And of course, that next step, which is sort of like the top of the totem pole, is veneration. Now you’re just applauding the people that are partaking in the abnormalities and the lack of values and the lower grade lifestyle, because if you call it out for what you really believe it is and what your heart believes it is, you will be outcasted.


This is a very big worrying sign of a kind of a system of the past several hundred years in the west, and you can really draw a parallel between what’s happening today and what happened with the end of Rome and the Roman Empire.

A historical example of one of the largest social deceptions

In the fourth century, the Emperor, the remaining Emperor and the Constantinople decided to become a Christian. And it was a movement that was very much rejected by most of the people at that time because it didn’t make sense. All the shenanigans between trinity, it is Jesus, God, not God, et cetera. This was a kind of wokism of the time, but the authorities imposed it and they actually removed from society, from social acceptance, anyone who was against it.

Historical example of social deception

In the name of reason, they called and they shut down the Platinum academies, the Aristotelian academies, every school of philosophy, they just killed them in order to impose this new vision. And this is a little bit parallel to what we are seeing today.



At the head of the academies now you have people who are entrenched in their power and who are pushing this agenda. These various steps you described are very well said. It’s gradually getting more and more important to realise that until people are just unable to even defend an alternative point of view, nothing will change.

What is the difference between brainwashing and an argument - Eating insects

Making people accept ideas that are completely abhorrent is doable.

And the formula is very clear. I think we should all be able to see through this now. We should all be able to see these stages that I just described. If I were to popularize the most unimaginable thing in our society, say, like eating insects, okay, you know where I’m going with this… because this is already being introduced, right? So one would follow these steps.

what is the difference between brainwashing and an argument
  1. They would first select a forerunner to drop the shocking message on an unsuspecting public, right? Oh, it’s okay. We shouldn’t have problems with eating insects. They would announce it on radio, on television, in the newspaper. That is the shocker, the bombshell, so to speak. So now you’ve dropped that, hey, it’s okay to eat insects, right?
  2. And so everybody has their reaction. You give them the time to have their moments of flipping out and feeling traumatized and feeling disgusted. And now you know that there is a timing to that and you’ll move into the next stage. Yes, exactly. I mean, this is playbook, classic.
  3. And that next stage is inevitably followed by the outrage stage. So the forerunner is abused and demonized by the bewildered public. Every respected leader in society comes out to slam the lamentable reprobrate who dare suggest something so obnoxious as eating insects, right? So everybody’s disgusted all in the same go. And the forerunner defiantly defends the practice.
  4. So someone inevitably comes up. It could be a scientist, it could be a nutritionist, a food expert, right? And the critics come out even more strong. And the forerunner knows exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly where this is headed and they know this is all a part of the plan. So they’re setting the agenda. And many people don’t understand the effect of continuous exposure on the human mind to despicable thoughts. If you expose these thoughts, if you keep coming up with despicable ideas and keep putting them out there, at some point it starts normalizing.
  5. It starts becoming normal. And so this idea now suddenly of eating the insects, which was just atrocious and an abhorrent idea, is now coming into the discussion phase. Yes. This is really a power play by the beneficiaries and companies who want to find ways to sell you on ideas, to pervert societies and deteriorate their abilities. And it could be on any gross topic, right? I just picked insects because I know that’s what’s going on right now and it’s really despicable.


But there are so many you could choose. Any ridiculous topic that’s not happening, and they need it to happen to weaken our fabric. I can give you an example that has been brought brought up in recent years, seemingly randomly. It’s there in the background and it’s, in my opinion going to ramp up, like the way you described. It is cannibalism. Despicable.

But yes. I’m reading studies of people eating human beings. Finally, at the end of the day, what do we do with all those bodies? Instead of burning them. Maybe we should transform them into edible protein. It’s despicable.

What’s the difference?

You have a materialistic view of the world.

So protein is a protein, right?

That’s how desensitised they want to make you. The very interesting point is about this sense that making people accept ideas that are completely abhorrent, is doable. Yes, but the very point is that someone sound would never even think of such a thing.

So the very fact that we are even asking the question, even if it’s abhorrent, even if it’s revolting, just putting this question out there is the first step, as you say.


And isn’t It just marketing?

Psychology 101?

How long does it take to brainwash someone

I mean, think about the guys in school or in college or even post that stage. When they want a girl’s attention and the girl is just absolutely turned off of the guy and she’s like absolutely not, no way, I will never go out with you. There is not a chance in any day that I would ever give you a shot.

But the smart guys, what do they do?

They just keep showing up and they keep letting themselves be seen and to be heard. And pretty soon they start normalizing themselves in that girl’s mind and before you know it, she’s going out with him.

I’ve seen it over and over again. And this psychology works. What is a repulsive, repugnant idea in the beginning, that oh, I could never see myself with someone like that. Suddenly starts becoming an acceptable idea.


This is something that humanity knows at a very basic level. And of course, these agendas can easily be trumped up with success through this plan.

How are people brainwashed - like cooking the frog

How are people brainwashed - like cooking the frog

Yes, there is a very known example of the frog that is in a pot of water. And if you make the water very hot, and you throw in the frog, the frog will suddenly be burnt, and jump out of the pot of water.

But if you put the frog in cool water and you just heat the pot slowly, increasingly, apparently, the frog will not jump out and would get boiled without even realizing it’s being boiled. Because it’s a subtle move in on perceptions. Unacceptable when shocked but not when it’s eased in on you.


And accepting each step. And we have to be careful, because once we get it to the third stage, which is the discussion stage, we’re really seriously losing the battle.

That’s our sign to look out for!

So, coming back to my example of the insect. At this stage now there’s a big debate over insect eating, right? So with most people still slamming it and not knowing that they are falling into a trap. So stop talking about it people! Stop slamming it and stop doing anything! Turn completely away from it, it’s the best way to reject anything repulsive. Ignoring it takes their power away from it. Because the trap of discussing it is exactly what they want from us.


It is a known fact that any group that has tried to bring an important idea to the forefront, always brought it to the forefront in the form of a discussion.


That’s what was happening with the gender perversion topics and that’s what’s happening now with the insect eating topics. All the self mutilation topics, including the cannibalism topics. There’s so many, all abhorrent topics. And they get pushed forward. It actually works because initially, what doesn’t make sense gets obviously automatically rejected by the mind until the understanding comes about. And that’s where the deception starts working in and it starts seeing success.

So what they wanted was to keep the subject alive. And when they get to the discussion phase, it now has wings. It’s alive and they know exactly what they’re doing. The more people are exposed to the idea of this through discussion, the more it becomes less obnoxious in their minds.


So, look, it’s a very well known tactic of the mafia. We know that. If you go to someone who has a store and you say, each month, you need to pay me €10,000 every month so that you don’t have an accident in your store. You are really repulsed, and the guy will say, no. 5000 then. Thank you very much, and I will pay the 5000 for this protection.


So in the case of eating insects, it’s already In the US. Because in the past years they talked about eating insects, right? And they showed us visuals, and they made programs in schools. I remember some videos I saw in the Netherlands where the teachers were given place of cooked insects for children to taste and you would see them picking an insect and trying to chew them. The point was to normalise the use of insect protein in their cooked junk food.

Social deception is all about control

And in the European Union today, it is already getting accepted, with few exceptions. It is legal now in the junk food. In all these things you find in supermarkets of processed foods, you can actually have insect proteins without even letting the consumer know. Which is a problem because if you are allergic to shellfish, for example, you will certainly develop an allergy to these insects. But the goal was reached.


The horror of having to pick up an insect and put it in your mouth was never the goal. The goal was to put it in your food, but not in an insect form, as a source of so called protein.

Yet people reject that it as an agenda, right?

People reject and say, come on, what could they possibly gain by making us eat insects?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Of course there’s no plan.

You will eat insects, but it will be in your junk food, not in the form of cockroach or bee or whatever. It will be as junk food dish as usual, except it will be made of protein out of insects. For them, it is very beneficial because there are a lot of diseases that are carried by insects. Of course it’s not proper for human consumption and of course it’s good for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. More sick people make better business for these companies.


These agendas, at the end of the day, are about control. More sick people are easier to control. Why don’t people understand that it’s not convenient for any of these agendas, these sinister agendas, to have you be healthy? So the more you become vegan and eat insects and do things that are not good for you, the better and easier it is for them to control you.

Social manipulation and the big scams

The moment you start saying, “Let’s be tolerant,” you’ve lost the battle that’s thrust upon us.

But coming back to the next stage, of course, at this point, if the authorities are saying it’s okay and they’re having these discussions and some sides are still pushing back, but maybe not as hard. So now you’re going to come to the tolerance stage.

Because now you may know one or two people that are eating insects or that have changed their sex, or that are mutilating so that they can look like something that they’re not. And you’ll say, well, it’s not for me, but if someone chooses to do it, then it’s their problem.


And others will say, who cares what people do with their own lives. Isn’t that familiar? Isn’t that the inevitable conversation we start having? Well, you know what? Let’s just be tolerant. Let’s just accept everybody that eats insects or let’s just accept everyone that wants to change their gender or their color. Or however they want to mutilate themselves, let them mutilate themselves.


We hear these statements by people who clearly don’t understand what they’re up against. The moment you start saying that, you’ve lost the plot. You’ve lost this battle that’s thrust upon us. This war that we’re in against the perversion of humanity. And again, we come back to the difference between dreaming of a world that we would create by ourselves, by our thoughts and understanding.

Understanding the trappings of this world and knowing our responsibility, is the key. It’s by a Creator who knows exactly what He’s doing, has put harmony in His system. And if we break that harmony. Or seemingly break it because, in fact, He has over control of everything.


So if we go against this harmony, we will pay a dire price. And this is not immediate. That’s the very profound teaching that I received in Damascus about the Rahma (His Mercy). It’s about how God does not immediately punish you. if you just break the harmony in this life, you may go for years without having to pay the consequences.


Like you said, the UN Human Rights Charter will now suddenly start including people that mutilate themselves, as having the right to do it. At the age of four, for example. Or activists are given a new pursuit now, like, go after those people that oppose this. How could they? They’re such bigots. Economic and travel sanctions will be used to twist the arms of nations that still forbid it. So you’ll be vilified.


If you’re a nation that looks down on these perversion, because it’s not what God wants or it’s against God’s mandate, then we will start hearing phrases like “we can’t tell people what they should eat” or “we can’t tell people what gender they are”.

That is just so rude of us.

The main purpose of this stage is to ensure that these perversions are legally accepted.

Social manipulation and the big scams

So now, once it comes to that, we have definitely lost the battle. Yes, but it comes again as a battle of opinions. It does, and that’s unfortunate. There’ll always be people pushing back. But then they start becoming the smaller voice over time. They become the “backwards” ones. The rejects of society. And the perversion is the acceptance of society.

So messed up!


The people pushing back, as you call them, they do it in the name of values that they learned. Yet they get vilified for those values. Yes, but they have lost the organic link. They lost their ability to explain why these values are critical. Why they are sound and true.

So it becomes “my” values. And the way I see it, because we have always done things like that. I have no idea why, but let’s say it was the way we are doing things now. That’s what it’s called when you want to change it.


The person says, but they didn’t learn their values. You mean they lost the organic link between themselves and the higher meaning of these values. Yes. So the person who wants to attack these values and says, well, these are “your” values and “your” opinions. At one point, some people put these together as “values”, but it is as arbitrary as the ones I want to put together. At the end of the day, it’s reduced to just two opinions.


Why would your opinion that is not grounded on anything sound, on any natural, organic meaning that is not coming from anywhere that is true.

Why would your opinion be superior to mine?


And that’s exactly what pulls people to the stage of acceptance. This is where the majority of the people come to the stage of acceptance. Therefore the majority’s “values” system rules.

God given values have now been removed.

Where’s the outrage?

Hey, remember the outrage?

Where is that?

It’s gone.

It dissipates.

The key is understanding our responsibility

We need to understand how we’ve been deceived time and again.

Right now, the minority is outraged still, possibly. And even of that minority, probably a very small amount, are still saying something because the others are too scared to say anything.

And this is a stage at which those that still opposed it are considered antiquated, old fashioned, intolerant, dogmatic. They get accosted, you’re so religious, or you’re such a bigot.


So this is the name calling that starts happening right away. You’ve heard all these words because this is what’s happened in the past when you’ve had intolerances to things that originally were just abhorrent. They were repugnant and despicable, but over time they became acceptable.

We need to understand how we’ve been deceived time and again. So this stage of acceptance is where gender perversion rights are paraded through major cities.

Now, you have perversion Parades, right? Perversion pride parades, or whatever you want to call them. And now everybody celebrates it. That’s what the stage of acceptance does. And it wasn’t too long ago where we were at the outrage and the rejection stage.

Remember the mockery, or it was funny because it was so fringe? it was so ridiculous? It was funny, yes. And then we were reminded that the same book, the scripture book, the Bible or the Torah or the Quran forbade this.


But also they forbade eating pork. They’ll trivialize it because people don’t understand why we are not to eat pork. Muslims don’t eat pork. We know Jews don’t eat pork, and there’s a reason for it. A serious health serious that people have forgotten. Christians too at one time knew it. But then the “intellectuals” use that to rubbish the word of God.



They say, “it’s the same book that told us we can’t eat pork!” And since they know most people don’t know why that was ann important rule, they find a way to make it look ridiculous, to make your values look ridiculous.

That’s how your opinion gets dismissed.

understand how we’ve been deceived

In the west, there were two stages. We start with these traditional values, what we Muslims call the fitra, which is the inherent nature of human beings. Basically things that you can discover by yourself if you were to live a life through this world.


Let’s imagine you live on this earth a very long time, thousands and thousands of years. And you were free to set up any kind of system for society or for interrelations, et cetera. Do as you wish. You would go into experiments, various ones, and each one would lead to outcomes.

If you were observant, you would soon see that the absolute perfect system is the one that our Creator has given us. It’s always proven. It is the one that is totally respecting the harmony of this world. Something you couldn’t do without implementing His system into your life.


So we are spared the necessity to try all possibilities. After you trying for thousands of years, you will continue to realise that this is the one.

God’s system.

We have no time to lose, so be better off by reminding yourself of these rules. Of these ways so that we don’t lose time. You don’t have thousands of years to try it on your own only to come to this very realisation.

Social deception in the West

So in the west, what happened is that these traditional values, let’s call them “traditional” or “organic”, natural values are harmonious ways to live. Yet have been disconnected from the Source, God, by the creation of this Creator. The valuable essence has been stripped of it, and now is called secular.


Yeah, that’s a way to pull people away from values. They are the same in origin. For example, in the West, Christian values or so called now Christian values have become universal values. Don’t kill, don’t murder, don’t steal, et cetera.

They are part of the common wisdom of humans.



If you want a society that succeeds, you will not find them saying that stealing is okay. Nor killing, God forbid, that becomes one day an acceptable thing, no. Imagine saying, killers have rights too.

But they’re talking about pedophiles that way. Pedophiles are just people with attractions, they’ll say. It’s repugnant. But this nature of man and these values that allow a functioning of society in different forms, Because they create room for variety in a social construct.

They were disconnected from their source.

How to undo the brainwashing

Reconnecting with the Creator is your best defense against deception.

The idea that there is a Creator and through this, we can see a common, harmonious universe. Humans can align with this harmony. They are inscribed into a much larger whole, right? And if they go astray and don’t respect this harmony, they will create chaos. We are seeing it with transhumanism, et cetera.

  1. First, you disconnect from the legitimacy of the Source, and that the Creator is the truth.
  2. You then make it secular, but you keep exactly the same values. It’s striking, for example, communist values. Are exactly the same as the Christian values, except there’s no more God.
  3. And once you’ve removed God, the next step is to say, finally, these values, they are just opinions. They come out of nowhere, because you’ve taken away the real power in their life, which was God.
  4. Now the ultimate authority is gone, so the rules are reduced to opinions. That’s what happens when you are taking away the Source, which is the Truth.
  5. And now it becomes just a social experiment as any other.

And why not try another one? Well, let’s take a look at something that is absolutely normalized today. So it’s normal to wear a bikini or let’s just be even more conservative. It’s normal to wear a strapless dress or a sleeveless dress.

How to undo brainwashing

Do you know, in a certain age group that’s quite a bit older than us. In their lifetime it was scandalous in the mainstream Western life, to show so much skin? But over time, people have just been desensitized and women have been told that this is your power. Show your body. Your body is a power. Yes, go ahead, show your body.

This was absolutely a misguidance. It was a deception, because a woman does not and never had to objectify herself to that degree in order for her to be powerful. But somehow they were convinced of that.


There’s a documentary called The Century of the Self, in which they talk about whom they call the father of PR, Edward Bernays. And how the tobacco industry came to him and said, we won the men over, but we want the other half of the population, we want the women.

So he came up with a campaign where he convinced the women that the cigarette was their power, it was their penis.

He gave them the reason for their lack of power and why men were powerful, was due to the apparatus that women don’t have. So let the cigarette be that, he convinced them.

And it’s amazing how much marketing works on people.

So now you’re at the stage, coming back to my example of praising and congratulating and celebrating. Now it’s that veneration stage, right?

So we’ve come to that final step now, that whoever eats insects or whoever butchers their body to change their gender is now being praised and they’re being celebrated.

That’s what we’re seeing today.

How to brainwash children

Generations are falling for it. And that’s how previously unthinkable things like atheism.

We’re seeing kids that are just so devastatingly young and so tragically misguided that are being applauded because they came out to accept that they were the other gender, and so therefore, they must be supported by society.


And the liberalist media, which is pretty much everybody these days, all the media that we get exposed to, is tasked with promoting them as cool, intelligent and, oh, they’re so wonderfully brave in their journey.

So let’s applaud them and make them our heroes. This is the stage at which they become celebrities. And even the real celebrities now start doing this, coming out to reveal how proud they are.


In the example of insect eating, it begins to win fresh converts now, suddenly, every day. Because many young people will do anything to be seen as cool or to be associated with some celebrity, some Hollywood star, an actress or a football player. And that is how you corrupt a whole society. It’s an easy formula and we all fall for it every single time.

How to brainwash children

Generations are falling for it. And that’s how previously unthinkable things like atheism, for example, was unspeakable at one time. Homosexuality was actually unspeakable at one time and all other forms of sexual perversion had no place of talking about it In our society. It was inappropriate to talk about these things.


Do you remember it wasn’t long ago when we were told don’t ask, don’t tell? And that was the approach for people to just stay appropriately discreet about what happens in their bedroom.

As it should be.

Unfortunately, now things have reached, even in the most conservative countries to the level of tolerance. And we’re in trouble because in the West they reach to the level of celebration.

Unfortunately, now things have reached, even in the most conservative countries to the level of tolerance. And we’re in trouble because in the West they reach to the level of celebration.


So it’s gotten to the final stage. But in the most conservative countries, say in places like Africa, in the Middle East, in Asia, there is a lot of pockets of people that have come to the level of tolerance and people are making history by coming out. It’s very concerning they no longer consider it inappropriate to remain discreet about what happens in the bedroom let alone respect the religious values around it.

The youth need to wake up.

And we, as their adults in this society, should not ever stop talking about this. This is what weapon we have against the liberal media who does nothing but to promote these stages and get it to the final run.

And we’ve got to stop it.

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