Fashion and Art: 5 Iconic Artists And Their Amazing Influence On Modest Fashion

Introduction: Fashion and Art

Fashion and art have aligned with consumers from different backgrounds throughout time. We’ve been designing and wearing modest clothing since the beginning of time when Adam and Eve were made aware of their nakedness. Since then, to cover was akin to respect and dignity, and remains so. That is exactly what the modest lifestyle consumer puts ahead of anything else. 

Modest fashion is a way of dressing that represents, firstly, faith based values. It reflects the good character of the person whilst highlighting their taste and appeal. Undoubtedly, this has mesmerised the appreciation of the harshest critics, modest fashion is a form of art, and many times inspired by art.

We will pen out 5 artists in history who have influenced modest fashion. It can even be said that their work continues to inspire modest fashion designers and enthusiasts today. It is important to note, an artists’ work can be uniquely inspiring on many levels, and that is not to be confused with the artist’s personal character, lifestyle, or mindset, or their ideology, which could be completely contradictory to that of the modest lifestyle. The distinction is important. While modest fashion can see its evolution through many influences, we generally know where to draw the line and which areas of the artist’s life to not get influenced by. A modest lifestyler is always wary, and mindful of protecting themselves from the wrong influences in life.

Gustav Klimt

We start with Gustav Klimt (1862 to 1918), whose classic style led him to specialise in mural paintings.  Known for his bold intricate patterns and use of gold leaf in his works, we see his influence on modest fashion in traditional Islamic and Middle Eastern clothing where metallic accents and patterns were appreciated.

Henri Matisse

The French artist, Henri Matisse (1869 to 1954), was particularly inclined toward bold brushstrokes with bright colours. His influence on modest fashion can be seen in the use of vibrant colours throughout Islamic and Middle Eastern fashion over the years. In fact, much of this work resonates with Palestinian designers, and even festive attire that typically is donned on Eid and other holidays.

Pablo Picasso

Then Pablo Picasso (1881 to 1973), has admittedly had an influence on all things design, like the rest of those in this league. A Spanish artist, he emphasised geometric shapes and abstract forms, deeming him the co-founder of the cubist movement. Picasso’s influence on modest fashion can be seen in the use of his style colours, lines and shapes throughout Islamic fashion. We particularly see an appreciation of this in our selection of scarves and even on maxi dresses.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780 to 1867) was a neoclassical painter from France. His draped looks throughout his work with that attention to detail, has no doubt been seen throughout the modest fashion styles. Draping is an elegant form of styling amongst the modest and Islamic fashionistas worldwide.

Hossein Behzad

The son of a pen holder designer in Persia, Hossein Behzad was known as a living master. His miniatures and works in revivalism and modernism inspired much of the design world, including Islamic fashion and generally the modest lifestyle. The traditional Persian style became iconic in modest fashion trends, where hints of it are still prevalent.


The influence of these iconic artists on modest fashion is clear. What’s even more highly regarded is that the essence of the culture that already existed was captured perfectly in their works. Whether the artist was inspired by culture, we have no doubt the culture was revered by the artist. How can it not be? The Islamic design world has been nourishing a rich civilisation since the beginning. As we continue to bring style, vibrancy, design, and always an attractive perspective, we can be sure that modest fashion is increasingly being appreciated as the art of fashion.  

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