Reaching your potential

Reaching Your Potential

What does “reaching your potential” mean anyway? When seeing what people’s opinions of reaching their highest potential is, it seems like they want to reach a type of inner kingdom. You know, the kind where you become the ruler? 

In this kingdom, reaching your potential means that you take full control and raise your level of insights, wisdom, and knowing. Your abilities reach new heights. You raise your influence for the good. Your problem solving ability, your creativity, and intuition. It’s all a part of your reign on your kingdom.

But reaching your potential in this kingdom and getting to this place in order to take it over is not possible without a certain level of programming ourselves. Everyone needs programming in order to prep for their biggest role in life. 

Programming ourselves

In fact, that is what Allah is doing to us with our daily repetitions of prayers and practices. Our conditioning becomes stronger every time we engage with focus and sincerity. Did you think that programming ourselves had no place in Islam? It is exactly what makes us optimal Muslims.

So what is programming and how does one reach the level of it that is required to make you ruler of a kingdom? That is the key to reaching your potential.

Reaching your potential

Programming ourselves is not done in a linear way. There is no step A and step B. It happens in random ways. But the control tower is your prayers. The 5 prayers for a Muslim are the most oft repeated thing a Muslim does in the day.

And repetition is a powerful form of conditioning, we all have seen that in our own lives. Imagine that, at least 5 times a day, you have the opportunity to rewire yourself. Did you know that? Programming ourselves needs repetitions and messaging that goes in deep.

To the point where you believe it in order to become it. Reaching your potential is that straightforward.

What you need to do in reaching your potential

During each prayer, you must KNOW that you are already at this kingdom of your most optimal, most successful, happiest self. What would that look like? How would you feel? Implement the answers to these questions now.

You are already there. This programming ourselves is so effective that it wins over your confidence. You do not ever feel any sense of doubt in the process, because you are in your salat with Allah. Where else can such brilliant outcomes occur?

If there is doubt, then you no longer believe, and in that case you’re not really interested in your kingdom. Why dare to doubt? Doubting the acknowledging of your kingdom is to doubt Allah, the Bestower of your kingdom.

Where it all happens

Reaching your potential -
The salat prayer is most powerful

That’s why your salat is the best place to achieve this. Because there is no problem in believing in the ultimate power of Allah In your salat, right? You wouldn’t be praying if you doubted Allah and His powers.

You know Allah can do anything. You know all falls within His domain, so where does that lead you? To a place where nothing is impossible. Welcome to your kingdom, it is yours to use wisely and for the benefit of all. Most importantly, to serve God.

Now that you have the critical ingredient, yaqeen, you are good to go. Yaqeen is when you just know that it’s happening. And why? Because God can do anything, and you’ve put all your trust in Him. You accept that without this, then why bother with performing the salat? 

Yaqeen’s role in reaching your potential

Your faith, the highest level of yaqeen, has now got you in a state of expectancy. Now the good stuff gets going! And Allah powers this expectation. You’ve acknowledged your kingdom and now your powers are going into full swing.

You just know you are ready for it, because Allah keeps leading you to your prayers to focus on Him alone, with the level of expectation that you’ve never experienced before. Now you know there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. 

Start running your kingdom. Can you just accept this kingdom is given to you for a reason? Only you can do with it what God has planned for you to do. You are already there, so take it and begin. All the visuals and experiences will follow.

Start ruling your kingdom. And understand what this means.

It means that you are here because you had full yaqeen that Allah would bring you here. Programming ourselves to that degree helped us in reaching our potential. It also means that you got there effortlessly.

Did you stress? Did you exert in any way? No. You just got there because you believed. And you knew God was doing it all for you. The highest level of belief is all that was required. How does it feel to get to this level of belief?

Reaching your potential
Reaching your potential as you enter your kingdom

In this level of belief, you just know. You don’t need to think and you need not make any effort to get to this powerful kind of belief. You just sit in God’s presence after working as hard as you can. When you are in salat and in this state of belief, your heart just KNOWS that anything is possible.

Remember to not make an effort to believe. Just be. Stay calm. It doesn’t feel any particular way. Even if you are slightly confused or unsure, just know you are there. It’s ok. It’s all you need.

The alpha state for reaching your potential

The best way to explain this is that you remained in an alpha state. Simply put, it’s when you are blissfully relaxed. That’s all you require. Don’t make your mind think you are there, here, or anywhere. It’s ok, it can wander as it does. Just stay relaxed.

This is the ultimate state that you should strive for in your salat. It is a state when you are completely in submission because of the calm that you feel in this state. And we are only completely relaxed when we just know that everything is going so well. Know it is.

How to actively enter the alpha state

If you are not feeling the state of Allah from head to toe, you are cheating yourself of the full potential of the power of your salat. So, before you get to this place of relaxation, actively enter the alpha state by following these easy steps.

Begin by feeling the presence of Allah from the top of your head, overcoming the entire head on all sides, down your face, ears, and neck on all sides. Now this state of Allah, which feels so good and light, is engulfing your shoulders. You’re closer to reaching your potential.

Reaching your potential
Getting to your alpha state is key

Let it continue on all sides of your chest and back, midriff, abdomen, hips, on all sides. Continue down all sides of your knees, remaining parts of your legs, ankles, and feet on all sides. Do you feel it? The excitement of reaching your potential is real. 

Now go back up from your feet to your head. Being in this Allah state means you are no longer carrying any of these body parts. So you feel completely light. You can’t feel the weight of your feet, legs, hips, body, shoulders. You don’t even feel the weight of your neck or your head on your neck or even your hair on your head.

Everything is weightless, light, and completely relaxed. No pain, no heaviness, complete bliss. That’s where you are. Feel it? Good. Keep it with you at all times. Even when you leave your salat. You know how to enter this state now, so be in it throughout your day. Reaching your potential is now happening consistently.

Reaching your potential is weightless

Let Allah carry you throughout your day. Feel weightless. Isn’t it liberating? You carry nothing, He carries everything for you. The Quran repeatedly tells us Allah’s words and what He wants from us. He tells us numerous times to make Him the disposer of our affairs.

If God really was the disposer of our affairs, would you have any worry at all? Even in the worst of times you would feel completely relaxed. Because you know He’s got this. This state of complete relaxation and knowing is the KEY to your success.

Now, just stay in that state for as long as you can. Go about your day, remaining in this knowing state that He has got this. That He is disposing all your affairs, and anything is possible now. How exciting. Get into your state of gratitude. Because this is where change occurs.

The change has begun. You are working in your kingdom now. You are the Ruler. You are there with whomever you want there, building it together. Because that is what Allah willed. He willed you to ask Him for it, He willed you to make Him disposer of your affairs…this is how He willed it to happen.

Don’t live life any other way.  You are not reaching your potential anymore, you have already reached it. Programming ourselves is effortless, reaching your potential is a by product of it. Start living your best life now.

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